Saturday 10 February 2024

Various Artists– "ADK Omnibus Vol.1" (ADK Records – ADK-03E) 1983

Another.....well,one, of two ADK Jap Punk compilations,...volume One in fact, has landed. And pretty manic stuff it is too. Featuring such household names as Sodom , Sekinintenka, Cain, and Gaddess to further damage your sensitive ear filaments with. Well probably not household names at all actually...not even in Tokyo.
No tattoo's on these proper punk rockers. Sporting one of those silly doodles on a Japanese arm was a virtual death sentence in 1983 Japan; akin to wearing a Nazi Armband in mid seventies London. It was certainly easier to Shock in the land of the rising volume levels,as the unwritten rules were enforced with an icy unspoken frostiness as the shadow of the not yet deceased Emperor loomed large....rather like the shadow of Hitler loomed over Argentina.
No such problem in the UK however,but give or take a few Decades and the British were under the iron boot of the Industrial Revolution while the Japs were farting about with Paper as a secure building component. Both Japan and The British Isles,were blighted with the cruel burden of good manners,and drive on the Left, so inevitably Punk Rock was always gonna happen. Nonetheless, a British Punk Rocker would tell his audience to Fuck Off both inside and outside of the concert hall, whereas the Japanese equivalent would likely bow and  thank the seething mass of bobbing black hair for their time.
Like a Kamikaze human drone slamming into an American aircraft carrier , this stuff takes no prisoners...just like the Japanese Army.

PS. Track 7,"夜姦菌孤" is basically Public Image Ltd's "Socialist" from Metal Box with a different singer,and better guitarist is it not?

A1 ソドム*– ソドミズム

A2 ソドム*– スペルマ爆弾 
A3 ソドム*– L.S.D
A4 ソドム*– 自殺
A5 ソドム*– パブリック
A6 ソドム*– カンゴフK
A7 ソドム*– 夜姦菌孤
B1 責任転嫁*– Fuck
B2 責任転嫁*– 春と修羅
B3 責任転嫁*– Worm
B4 責任転嫁*– 慕情
C1 カイン*– さつき病
C2 カイン*– すてきなビート (Beat Generation)
D1 ガディス*– Bun-Bun-Bun
D2 ガディス*– 新宿 -闇のカーニバル-
D3 ガディス*– 薬 -Yaku-
D4 ガディス*– あたいの.....
D5 ガディス*– ケダモノ
D6 ガディス*– キ・チ・ガ・イ

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Salem Tunes said...

I enjoyed that. Went to check it out on Discogs and decided I wasn't going to be buying a copy!

Jonny Zchivago said...

A tad pricey.
Just ask one of those Italian Bootleg labels to go a limited run.They're pretty good.

kingpossum said...

Ah, bless the Japanese and their rigid society of conformity. For those who depart from it go bat shit crazy and we're all the better for it. Thanks Jonny.