Friday 9 February 2024

Various Artists – "Neo Punk Disordery / ADK Omnibus Vol.2" (ADK Records – ADK-08E) 1984

Punk Rock was made for compilations. One single per band, 15 minute sets per gig,and if there's anything left,of which there shouldn't be if you're a proper Punk Rock band, then that gets stuck on a compilation dunnit?
Using the same criteria for the Japanese, Punk rock was made for da Japanoise Yoof to vomit out the relentless oppression of Japanese Culture......the poor sods.
It's a bit like how da English yoof got liberated by a combination of first wave American Rock'n'Roll and ,ironically, being trapped in the poverty of a bankrupt Britain created by the massive loan...yes I did say 'Loan', that the American Government gave the Churchill Govt to buy armaments from the United States to fight the Third Reich on behalf of of the rapidly diminishing Free World.
Ironically still, no such conditions were foisted upon the axis powers after their inevitable defeat.They all got massive financial reparations to build their economies into the giants they are today.
The 'Brits', they got rationing, powdered egg and Bombed out homelessness. Punishement for giving the Japs the idea of torpedoing the enemy navy in their harbour with light aircraft....exactly what the Brits did to the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean the same year.
However,both Germany, Italy and Japan, didn't have the vibrant youth culture that was produced out of the UK austerity plan post war.
As the last Japanese soldier surrendered in the mid-seventies, things had begun to loosen up a little in Nippon. Disemboweling noise and relentlessly fuming Punk Rock emerged from the polite world of Jap Society. And some of the finest disemboweling shit it is too, as collected on this fine shared jap-core compilation featuring some very pissed off sons of Nippon.


A1 Gabell– 品種改良
A2 Gabell– レイプ (研究所)
A3 Molugu– Bloody
A4 Molugu– ナチズム
A5 Molugu– AB
A6 Molugu– Insert
A7 Molugu– 餓死
B1 Glycerin – Glycerin (血まみれ世紀)
B2 Glycerin – 臭い
B3 Glycerin – Shelter
B4 Glycerin - 中毒
B5 我殺 Crime Fighter*– Pest
B6 我殺 Crime Fighter*– 血ぞめの改革
B7 我殺 Crime Fighter*– OK
B8 我殺 Crime Fighter*– Crime Fighter

DOWNLOAD or i'll start droning on about world war two again HERE!


Stephen said...

Love it. You are a teacher and role model. Thanks as always Bruv

Ben Therranback said...

It wouldn't be so bad, but Britain and France built up the Japanese Navy a century ago. We were bankrupt from the yankee loan and also paying back Dave Cameron's slave trader ancestors and his other crypto-Jewish pals for hundred and 80 years in reparation for them losing their slaves in 1837! Funny how all those famous blacks in UK are related to those fuckers.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hehe...can I have a go?
I'm thinking of suing Italy for my ancestors being enslaved around the subjugation of Britain in 43AD by Julius Caesar. Probably will end up paying Cameron for lost earnings. Guilt is after all is Inherited it seems.Watch out any living relatives of Caesar, we're coming for your interest.
Well Ben, if we go far enough back we are all related to each other. So those famous blacks could easily be related to you...which means you will be paying reparations to yourself. Also all these famous 'Blacks' are certainly related to the very same slave traders Cameron got rich from...hence Malcolm X's ginger hair.
Slaves also were not only Black.The southern coast of England was regularly raided for slaves by Barbary Pirates and Arab slave traders from Morrocco.
Time to play "Caucasian Guilt" by Noh Mercy again.
"Never made no chinese build me a railroad,
I Never put no Jap in a Camp!"

Armstrong said...

Entire "WW2" was actually staged, of course, and UK was on the wrong side of picking teams, but when they asked "can we be with axis?", US said "no", as the balance was not right (after figuring out that France and Spain should be preserved, just in case), and US said "you play with us this one, we will talk later about money". Churchill tried to get out of pickle by suggesting allied attack on USSR in 1945, but US said "pfffft LOL" as they already had laid out plans for opening Asian market via permanent tension with Soviets and wars in the far east and molding China into new, much bigger, rust belt area.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The UK was so on the wrong side,the war cabinet said as much but the Space Aliens ended WW2 by doing a natural resources deal with The USA in exchange for obliterating Hiroshima and that other one;WMD's are all controlled by ET's. Churchill and Hitler wanted the rival space aliens to nuke Russia in return for those vast Siberian mineral deposits. Putin is in fact an Alien, a very naughty alien.

Armstrong said...

Alien theory was a common thought up until 1961, when PJ Rosenblath-Shrewsbury blew the whistle on cloning project called "Cross Wires" (as sung by XTC in the eponymous number from White Music LP), where tens of thousands of androids were created and planted in USSR, China, Japan, Pakistan, etc, long list of "countries" but you get the geographical point, all of them on the eastern hemisphere. They were programmed to wake up and perform certain tasks in predefined moments of time. Putin was one of them, coded MACHINE-KP-3812.
There is just no way out of the programmed system, is what I am trying to say, we should just sit back and relax. Or not?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Aha!...I knew XTC were sending me coded messages.
Yeah sit back and relax...its Evolution innit? Ruthless yet ultimately pointless.The machines buitl by machines built by machines age cometh,And Putin and his newer models will function for eternity, along with his sister units Donald J. Trump.......yes machines are a refined form of stupid,and the Donald Unit is sailing close to the wind.