Friday 27 October 2023

Debt Of Nature – "Robin Diamond's Lungs" (A.R.P.H. Tapes – AT # 003) 1982

Throbbing Gristle played two shows in the USA,and they were both in California;HERE and HERE!
So, kids hear TG,then they play like TG,even securing the dubious skills of Monte Cazazza donated towards the recording of this cassette,which, by the way, features the participation(Again) of one Brad Laner;member of too many groups to remember.
So yeah, it sounds like Throbbing Gristle.There's even a few Charles Manson news reports recorded off the Television,to further flesh out the cliché.....but, i'm a sucker for some Old Skool Industrial.Its the ultimate great leveller in musical terms,like Dub Reggae.Also equally effective as background music for that fondue soirée you've been meaning to throw for the neighbours.
Anyone can do it.Zero Chords required,unlike the one that's recommended for any decent Punk rock tune,or the Mozart-like three that's needed for a Ramones/Status Quo number....Fuck That!
Ironically,as a bonus, any Industrial Artist gets to be taken semi-seriously by the chin stroking bespectacled chumbawumba set from the Artier end of town, whereas Punk Groups or Satus Quo,forward slash,Ramones are looked upon as some sort of tribe of Idiots.


A1 N Counter
A2 Bed Time
A3 Industrial Elitists
A4 Dead Cow Manifesto
A5 All Through The Night
A6 Blood Was Everywhere
A7 In An Orgy Of Murder
A8 DrM/SbC
A9 Intellectual Decompression
A10 The Cross
B1 Inside Out Effect
B2 Graphic Truth
B3 Fascist Insect
B4 Grin
B5 Survival
B6 Fuck Peace
B7 Nothing Matters
B8 To Be Governed


Juan Cur said...

Spacemen 3's Revolution is only one chord. It's what you do with it I suppose. Coincidence found some Cosey Fanni Tutti pictures at, nice furry snatch.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Tony Conrad made a career playing one endless note,no chord, on his violin.
There's a couple of Cosey images on this blog....dunno about any furry snatch but there are a couple of knockers involved. She's alright as long as she doesn't speak...she's got an 'orrible Hull accent.

Mr Hyde said...

Have you read her book? She's ever so thick. You're better off searching out the fotos of Gaye Advert if your into that kind of thing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

No.....I knew she was thick.Don't have much time for her boyfrend either....and GPO got on my proverbials. Sleazy was TG for me.
But....Gaye Advert.....Phowarrr......Gaye didn't and still doesn't want to be famous or taken seriously.

Wollmar said...

Heard worse. Really do sound a bit like TG ca '80.

Fieldhippie said...

"Sleazy earned the right to call himself "Sleazy.""

Fieldhippie said...

Thank you for the great posts.

Jonny Zchivago said...

fieldhippie....Yeah...Porridge read the books but Sleazy was the real thing.

snoopy said...

Top audio engineers are working on digitally remastering this work from the original analog tapes. They will restore it into a pristine copy, and it will sound crystal clear, the way it was meant to be heard.
If you've seen Jurassic Park with that big laboratory and those scientists in white coats, virtual reality, etc. - that scene is happening right now on this recording.
Then the band are going on a worldwide tour, performing in the biggest arenas. When they play the song "Fuck Peace", they will have an a capella audience sing-along, just like Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and all those christian rock concerts, with everyone waving their hands back and forth. Don't miss it!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I've heard that they are rescuing some vocals from a demo ( handed over by Oh No Its Yoko) recorded in 1984,and the rest of the band are finishing it...the last track by the band.And they are also hiring a famous fantasy film make to make the video? This is too exciting for words....unless that word is 'Shit' of course.

parmalee said...

As much as I'm enjoying this series, I have to interject with this: I came across this photo today -

- and I just thought these were like the coolest looking people I have ever seen. You just know they're gonna be hijacking the next Lufthansa flight to wherever.

The band is Gewalt, and they are actually better than I was expecting (not the most original,unless it's 1979, but who is?). And yes, they describe themselves as a quartet, with DRM16, Roland's estranged and pervy uncle, being their drummer. Even this video is somewhat enjoyable:

"This song is for making you dance", indeed.

Jonny Zchivago said...

GEWALT....Ahhh they're sad, and the bloke on the right looks like the actor who played Spocks Dad.
I'm a sucker for anything sung in german with post-punky no-wave-ish vibes.
But they are also a fine example of modern day groops,who are no spring chickens and look like they met in an Office during a cigarette break.
Young people no longer form groops,only older types do to play for themselves and others due at the retirement home.Otherwise its all be done to death.
ps...modern kids can go fuck themselves.

parmalee said...

I actually thought he looked more Romulan than Vulcan.

But yeah, all the good bands are somehow a bunch of geriatrics. And that Jared Leto weirdo (age 51) apparently just climbed to the top of the Empire State Building (like, literally) to promote his lame-ass band's new album. I didn't even know he had a band, I just thought he was an actor type.

Still, it's both encouraging and a bit unsettling at the same time. It seems that none of my previous bands are gonna be reforming, as they've all got kids and "obligations" or whatever--to hell with them! So I'll venture forth without them with a solo act, which I'll describe as a duo, presently named And Dog Against All or ...And Dog Against All. Haven't yet decided which is better--I need a focus group.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well maybe a human-romulan hybrid?...lots of those in Germany.

And Dogs against Thought.......dunno where that came from?

greatdividing said... it as 'and dogs against AI' at first...which is pretty good, or AI dogs against AI

Vaykorus said...


dadlaner said...

I was 15 when I made this. And it sounds like it !

Albert said...

oi! oi! it is time to move to girls who worked as au pairs during the day and practiced playing music by night.

Mr Fab said...

Saw "dadlaner" and the boys open for Wall of Voodoo around the time this was recorded. They did NOT go over very well! Which of course was probably the intention.