Monday, 13 January 2020

Henry Flynt ‎– "C Tune" (Locust Music ‎– LOCUST 03) 1980

I can't think of anything more to say about Hillbillies and American Primitives,so the easiest link back to sixties american minimalism is the geezer who mixed the two up for us, Henry Flynt.
The minimalists had a small obsession with the key of 'C', as well as repetition and drones.
So, here's a sixty minute bluegrass raga recorded in 1980, in the key of 'C' that expresses the link of bluegrass,blues and folk to the pop art era and beyond.
There's some vicious fiddle scraping involved here, one of Henry's finest moments.


1. C-tune (47:20)

DOWNLOAD and C what I mean HERE!

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Anonymous said...

thankee. I love this stuff un-ironically