Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Jandek ‎– "The Ray" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0832) 2019


Another new year brings forth usually three or four new Jandek albums, so as a new years treat here are last years Jandek albums to try and keep pace with the Ginger One.Including this new studio album!?
I think I have all of the Jandek releases,but not sure,so if anyone out there notices a gap in the collection,feel free to point out this unforgivable oversight.
Its a relief to know that Sterling, in his 75th year, hasn't given up on studio work,and its good to hear his meandering psychedelic outsider folk without that sparse applause at the end of each long track,and even worse the boistrous cheering as the Corwood Representative takes the stage.....yeah very good boys and girls.....mainly white boys it has to be have a shared secret in that you pretend to like Jandek, well done.One witnessed the same hive-minded behaviour at Sun Ra concerts,Residents shows and Fall gigs.Like a Nuremburg rally for geeks and nerds.
The Ray, the album and the Track, is a,you guessed it, meandering avant folk psychedelic foray into the unknown that clocks in at just over an hour in length. It comes with no information,but I suspect that Jandek plays all the instruments,with maybe Sheila Smith on drums? Could this be the start of a new era in the Corwood release schedule.....I hope so,as it is a rather fine room emptying piece of unsychopated outsider rock.
People like Henry Flynt,the works of whom we have been digesting over the preceeding days,have spent a career searching out the embodiment of the American Primitive.Well Henry, here he is.More profound than the unknown meaning of life,'it is because its like that'.There is no meaning,just as the American Primitive doesn't exist.Jandek's music is the closest thing to an answer I've come across.......just 'Be'.....and keep turning up.


1 The Ray 61:40

DOWNLOAD the first ray of the new year sun HERE"!


Anonymous said...

Jandek be praised Jonny!

Think these are the other lost ones; Los Angeles Friday, London Thursday, Gainesville Monday and Austin Sunday 2007

best for 2020 JZ

Robert said...

Thank you and best of luck for the new year!

rev.b said...

Well, this is certainly a good way to start a new year. Here's hoping 2020's vision is as clear and sharp as the name implies

Henk Madrotter said...

Thanks!!! And best wishes :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks for the wishes of luck Robert, I think we're gonna need it....happier new Year to y'all.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks for checking Anon...Los Angeles Friday, London Thursday, Gainesville Monday and Austin Sunday 2007 are all lined up to be next, all in 320k quality.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's going to be a good new year if this is anything to go by! Thanks a lot, it's very appreciated, Milly's Grandad.

Anonymous said...

Jonny the ray is fantastic. Long live Jandek

Unknown said...

best musical start of a year ever thanks to you and that Jandek Raydio sound - best wishes