Monday, 13 January 2020

Various ‎Artists – "I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore(1927-1948)" (Mississippi Records ‎– MR-014) 2007

Don't worry, i'm not gonna post dozens of Harry Smith type compilations,but the title and the miserable Hill billyess relation to Susan Boyle,'the Hairy Angel' on the cover, just demanded that I have this on my coffee table the night my artist chums come round for my Finnish smorgasbord soirée.
Since the advent of those music magazines that are concerned only with the past,a bit like this blog(?); endless compilations of lost 78's from between the wars,but before the wars that came afterwards, flooded the independant record stores of the day.
Anything seems to go with this one,there's Gospel, Blues, Calypso, Bluegrass and Cajun Folk.
Eclectic is a popular word for the record collections of the 21st century,and this certainly fits the bill.
If a bunch of pre-reggae West Indians singing about the Abdication Crisis of 1936 is right up your alley, then , I reckon you're gonna love this.
From a time when if you wanted entertainment you really had to do it yourself. It was either that or chew your own,or someone elses, leg off.....and many of them did.


A1 –Marika Papagika - Zmirneikos Balos
A2 –Wilmoth Houdini - Blow Wind Blow
A3 –Cleoma Falcon - Prends Done Courage
A4 –Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians - E Mama Ea
A5 –The Caresser - Edward The VIII
A6 –Two Gospel Keys - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
A7 –Sexteto Bolona - Te Prohibido El Cabaret
B1 –Jacob Hoffman & Kandal's Orchestra - Diona & Hora
B2 –Blind Uncle Gaspard & Dela Lachney - Baoille
B3 –Mike Hanapi's Ilima Islanders - Hilo Hula
B4 –Lydia Mendoza - Palida Luna
B5 –Blue Sky Boys - Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
B6 –Unknown Artist - Sorban Palid
B7 –Big Boy Cleveland - Quill Blues


albrecht koschnik said...

many thanks for this!

If anybody wants to really, really geek out on the Anthology: the Smithonian Institution, which released the reissue, has put the entire liner notes online:
This includes H. Smith's original notes as well as new commentary, etc. Great stuff, if you care for that sort of thing!

rev.b said...

Looks like the sort of thing Fahey parodied on Voice of The Turtle, 'cept he used picture of family, friend sand ex-girlfriends, all without permission from anyone. Least there ain't no gald-danged hippies haning' 'round leaving hippie stink on mah sofa. Good title tho'.

Anonymous said...
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