Sunday, 26 January 2020

Jon Gibson ‎– "Two Solo Pieces" (Chatham Square Productions ‎– LP 24) 1977

There ain't no-one in the world of minimalism that Jon Gibson hasn't played for....
Steve Reich, Terry Riley, LaMonte Young, Philip Glass,you name it.He was even in the Theatre of Eternal Music!?

Let out from Glass Ensemble duties for the second time,Gibbo has gone all LaMonte Young on us and composed a drone for Organ(Cycles).
I like a nice relaxing drone to aid my burnout syndrome, but i sure as shit don't need anybody else to do it for me,I can do it for myself thanks.I could also invent some sonic science,Charlemaine Palestine stylee,for it.No doubt there's some thought about the interaction between the droning notes that makes this the work of a proper experimental composer and not some bedroom beethoven such as moi,but basically who cares?......Its a drone
Side B,another version of "Untitled",is rather a more pleasing flute piece that wouldn't have been out of place as the soundtrack for a Ken Loach film or a BBC Play for Today* from 1971.Maybe Ken will be in touch for his next socialist spiked kitchen sink movie that the French call "Réalisme Anglais",don't you just love the French?

(* i recommend that you watch this Dennis Potter play,"Blue Remembered Hills",it sure is powerful,cruel, cruel stuff)


A Cycles (1973) 22:49
B Untitled (1974) 18:15


Unknown said...

hey man, didnt know where contact you, but here i am. just wanted to say a big thank u for this blogspot, so many, many great music found on hear, i will love to support the blog with a tshirt but iam far away from the states. whatever.
thinking in how to support the channel, maybe i could send u something u dont know about! theres this chilean album that completly fits the style of the blog. its pure DIY and pure pop melody. they even made the guitars themselfs! since there wasnt any money, and the echo machine was made following some schematic of some strange magazine. all this in the 60s! heres a little taste:

i can hive u a cassette rec. i made, if u want.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi there,
yeah buy a t-shirt,it usually costs a local-ish rate i gather,eg they are made in Estonia if you are in Europe, so no massive shipping fees....and Richy Ramone has one.
Los Vidrios Quebrados are a bit british invasion/us garage punk for my tastes,but i may switch to doing this stuff when i run out of idea's in the future. I like the idea of a homemade echo-machine.
No need for a cassette, i can get this stuff relatively easily,but many thanks for your offer
Glad you find the blog keeps me out of trouble.

Jonny Z

kevinesse said...

hi! great lp, thanks so much. For some reason the 'untitled' song only plays partway through ?.......any ideas?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh bleeding hell!....i'll have to re-do the idea whats wrong with it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

KEVIN!......i've done it,its uploading now,should be ready in about 5 minutes.

kevinesse said...

thank you sire!

Nick said...

Hi Jonny. Thanks for both the Jon Gibson albums. Really enjoying them both.