Sunday, 31 May 2020

Louise Huebner with Bebe and Louis Barron ‎– "Louise Huebner's Seduction Through Witchcraft" (Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records ‎– WS 1819) 1969

Louise Huebner was the 'Official' Witch of Los Angeles and the only officially appointed Witch in the entire world.This is of course 'showbiz' rather than a real office for a real witch. Witches only exist in their own minds,possibly,and in the minds of the superstitious morons who fear the 'Dark Arts',or believe in any supernatural entities such as the Easter Bunny, or Batman.
This album, primarily existing purely to exploit the age-old problem of getting laid, is the feminine version of Eric Weber's "Picking Up Girls Made Easy", this witchy one relies on manipulation whereas Eric relies on barefaced lying.
That said, the main reason for this Occult cash-in attempt being foisted on these reveered pages, is because the creepy sounds backing up Louise's very silly spoken instructions were made by husband and wife Electronic pioneers, Louis and Bebe Barron.
It's rather good stuff, and inevitably reminds one of Throbbing Gristle's finer ambient moments, and very reminiscent of Kluster's first two albums. 
For those of you sad bastards who think you're gonna prize Beyoncé from Jay Z's insideous grasp; just try developing an interesting line in conversation and washing regularly.Dump the sports clothes and improve your sartorial fact making an effort to seem attractive and interesting rather than the obnoxious slob you really are.Then you won't need to sell your soul, or our-soul, to get a girlfriend, who, ultimately, won't like your record collection.
Yours most insincerely, 
the Real Jay Zee.


1.Introduction - Gods 3:40
2.The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power 3:11
3.The Isis Full Moon Ring For Magical Protection 3:34
4.The Demon Spell For Energy 3:26
5.Orgies - A Tool Of Witchcraft 3:38
6.Sun Sign Amulets For Spiritual Protection 4:11
7.The Coleopterous Charm For Romantic Adventure 3:10
8.The Turkish Bean Spell For Tender Love 2:31
9.Seduction Spells From Around The World 4:24
10.The Emotional Bondage Spell 2:35
11.The Earthquake Spell For Unwanted Lovers 2:24
12.Witches And Wizzards 4:24


Pollo said...

Your writing is exceptional.

rev.b said...

And here I thought is was all up to the T-n-A. Honestly, I don't believe most of the hetro male population requires any sort of magic potions, witchcraft or any other sort of trickery to be any woman's drooling slave. But hey, very kind of you to provide cover!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Rev. b ..Uploading that Clifford Thornton album by the way,slow progress,slow internet tonight!....but,boy who was that dickhead on Inconstant Sol!?.....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Clifford Thornton:

AZT said...

This is no hoax dammit, it REALLY works! Disbelievers should watch out when the sky is turning red and the crows gather. Remember.

northfieldhat said...

You just described the sort of bloke who sits at home perusing blogs

Jonny Zchivago said...

0 northfieldhat
Sorry for suggesting that you may be an obnoxious slob...there are exceptions you know?