Friday, 8 May 2020

Doris Hays / John Matthews ‎– "Electronic Music" (Southern Library Of Recorded Music ‎– MQ/LP 38) 1971

There was indeed another Doris phaffing about with electronics other than Doris Norton you may be amazed to hear.This one was called Doris Hays,slightly less an inspiring name than the other Doris, but this American Doris  was a bit more avant-garde than the other Anglo-Italian Doris,working with musique concrète, modern classical and voice works. She also dabbled in Early Electronics,as this library LP of novelty hits or misses,and daytime kids television theme tunes reveal.
The John Matthews who shares this album, is none other than BBC Radiophonic Workshop legend John Baker himself.


A1 –Doris Hays -13th Street Beat 1:06
A2 –Doris Hays -Tune Maker II 1:11
A3 –Doris Hays -Grim Carnival 1:49
A4 –Doris Hays -Dream Maker 0:45
A5 –Doris Hays -Kalliope II 1:28
A6 –Doris Hays -Carnibell 1:35
A7 –Doris Hays -Somersault Beat 1:48
A8 –Doris Hays -Syn - Rock 0:48
A9 –Doris Hays -Arabella Rag 1:07
A10 –Doris Hays -Creepy Street 1:32
B1 –John Matthews  -Electro - Agression 1:56
B2 –John Matthews  -Electro - Tension 2:23
B3 –John Matthews  -Electro - Antiphony 1:12
B4 –John Matthews  -Electro - Busy 0:41
B5 –John Matthews  -Electro - Bongo Part 1 0:54
B6 –John Matthews  -Electro - Bongo Part 2 0:43
B7 –Doris Hays -Four French Cathedrals 1:26
B8 –Doris Hays -Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? 1:18
B9 –Doris Hays -Scared Trip 2:11
B10 –Doris Hays -Bleepy M 1:47


BilgeDasto said...

this is amazing. and amazingly creepy, in a good way. sounds way more early 60s than 1971 tho.

parmalee said...

This would be the Doris who adores the Clash! The concept, not the boarding school lads, that is. Interpreter of Cowell, Feldman, et al (_correct_ info courtesy of mandolinny, of course). So many degrees of separation and all that, but it's funny how everything eventually lleads back to Dr. Who.

Rob said...

Thanks for this run on Lady Lectro....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Parmalee...thats the one...the adoration of the clash, shared album with Morton Feldman etc....I've always had a problem with mass adoration of the Clash myself....but I'll ley Doris off. I should have added her track as a bonus ont his file I suppose!?....maybe later?