Thursday, 28 May 2020

Else Marie Pade ‎– "Electronic Works 1958-1995" (Important Records ‎– IMPREC406) 2014

Denmark is famous for more than just great Bacon and Carlsberg lager isn't it?, but they did have another one of those female electronic music pioneers,who unwittingly was one of the few persons in the world making weird noises in the fifties.
A veteran of the noble Danish resistance in world war two, from a country that led the nazi-occupied world as an example in its zero levels of collaboration,and the sheltering of its jews; Else worked for the state sponsored Danish Broadcasting Corporation, where she produced very early groundbreaking electronic and concrete compositions for Radiophonic poems and Radio drama productions,like Faust,and the Little Mermaid.Rather like Daphne Oram had been doing in th UK.
Else in action manipulating something that looks rather like an electronic bra?..I notice in the fine tradition of female electronicists,she's got a cigarette on the go.

Like Daphne,and Delia Derbyshire,they were just seen as employees doing what they were told.....a job.Subsequently they were ignored and forgotten.That is,until the younger generations tried to discover the roots of this music,and find out where this music that dominates the modern world comes from.So, from the early 2000's onwards she was now rightly recognized as an electronic music pioneer during her lifetime.


Faust Suite
Prolog I Himlen 4:18
Faust & Mefisto 6:59
Faust & Margrethes Kærlighed 7:22
Margrethes Fordømmelse 4:13
Rejsen Til Bloksbjerg Og Valborgsnat 8:25
Epilog 4:51

Lyd & Lys 4:41
Syv Cirkler 7:17
Etude 5:33

Himmelrummet 6:53
Havkongens Slot 7:06
Alfeland 6:10
Kong Vinter 6:11

Glasperlespil I 7:42
Glasperlespil II 7:58

DOWNLOAD some sizzling danish electronics HERE!


northfieldhat said...

After hearing this I decided to no longger being a
sporvognsskinneskidtskraber. Selvfølgelig,as a hygge tredjegenerationsindvandrere,
it feels liken being to go in flyvemaskine! Now for syvoghalvfjerds Rødgrød med fløde!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suppose thats something insulting about me in Danish.....i prefer that to being insulted in english however, so it didn't work!

Unknown said...

Tram track dirt scraper???? Best insult I've heard for a long time.

Loving this work. Thank you JZ

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I'll make a note of that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this! Noticed the "Rejsen Til Bloksbjerg Og Valborgsnat" track is missing, though. Do you have this track? Thanks again!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Bollocks!...its always doing's the missing track:

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks, Jonny! I appreciate the quick response (as I'm sure many others do, and will). Your blog is paramount!

northfieldhat said...

Ja, Rejsen Til Bloksbjerg Og Valborgsnatis ist a real magtfulde eksploderende brændende hus!
If I may be sofavælger...

northfieldhat said...

I just figured out the "bra" is gammelskole båndoptager in FFWD or RWND

Vaykorus said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Rod Serling never had her majestic music on the Twilight Zone episodes. Thanks for sharing these amazing sounds.