Monday, 21 October 2019

Various Artists ‎– "Melodie & Harmonie / Musik Aus Karl-Marx-Stadt" (klangFarBe ‎– 005) 1986

Not all the music in the DDR was released on the State labels,but if you wanna to put your own challenging,politically unacceptable work, you had to...yup......Do It Yourself. Behold the liberation of the audio cassette.Even more so than in the west, where the people were oppressed by the need for profit rather than by an ideological totalitarian regime. Thoughts were repressed in this gloomy remanent of the reich,and if you wanted to express them without a lurking Policeman taking notes in the corner,then you had to escape to the west which usually ended up in an east german cemetary.
An easier way to escape this enclave was to smuggle cassettes into the west.This was,somewhat, less risky.
Behold the KlangFarbe label from Karl Marx Stadt,founded by Franck Bretschneider.Of course you can't call anything after Karl Marx anymore,so the town was charmingly renamed Chemnitz after the collapse of the regime.
So here's a taster of the Karl Marx Stadt underground from 1986.This is what the real East Germany sounded like.Gloomy,abstract,miserable and minimal.Not the kind of thing that would have been state was officially 'miserable' in the glorious DDR.

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maria ozawa said...
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Kzka said...

This is fantastically, insanely incredible. Thank-you!

snoopy said...

OMG now this is why this blog exists, and why you have a solemn duty - to continue to reveal these buried treasures!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Snoopy, I think you're right. I no longer have a choice other than to serve mankind until death relieves me of this holy burdon.

mmatt said...

bin wending my whey back in time thru your bloggedge - mein gott a daveeda babee, had no idea I would land into a mutter lode of bretschneider. thang queue a billion, you rootsrocken doc zchivago