Monday, 14 October 2019

Reinhard Lakomy ‎– "Der Traum Von Asgard" (AMIGA ‎– 8 56 021) 1983

From the East Berlin school of electronics,on DDR state label, Amiga. Reinhard Lakomy provides us with some Tangerine Dream inspired electronica with fine socialist morals.
Its full of gorgeous analogue electronics that never escaped until the wall came down and piles of cheap Amiga vinyl was snapped up up by rich westerners. Most East German music was, of course, pure shite.But a few nuggets lay amongst the squalor...this being one of them.Active in various genres, Reinhard was the most published musician in the DDR,but didn't discover his true mojo until he made this couple of electronic Kosmischer albums.Truly worthy enough to be awarded the 'Karl Marx Order for exceptional merit in relation to ideology, culture, economy, and other designations'?
The Karl Marx Order Medal that Reinhard Lakomy was never awarded!

....good cover art too. 


Der Traum Von Asgard 11:45
Die Gotischen Narren 9:20
Möglichkeit Einer Ouvertüre 3:27
Orakel 6:04
Sodom 11:32


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes! Don't we all miss that "inspired electronica with fine socialist morals"? Many thanks.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Ay, them were t' fooking days alright.

Moahaha said...

My favorite discovery so far among these eastern european shares of yours. I never even knew there was an East Berlin School of electronics. Listening to Das Geheime Leben now which sounds just as promising really.

Ante Finem Saeculi was a beautilly terrifying btw. Too bad I'm not a horror movie director.

pointless_walks said...

Wirklich sehr gut. Dankeschön.