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Kosmischer Läufer ‎– "The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83" - Volume Two (Unknown Capability Recordings ‎– UCKL002V) 2014

Todays drugged up East German athlete in the spotlight, is the one and only Marlies Göhr.That sprinter with the strange short staccato stride style,hairy armpits,and terrible hair-do's, that dominated womens sprinting in the 80's.Incredibly she was the only East German athelete to have tested positive for drugs,androgenic steroids, in 1975 as a 17-year-old.Yes, Androgenic drugs can have an effect on one's gender,so I suspect Marlies may have had to shave....her face...not her furry armpits.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Stasi (secret police) files suggested widespread official doping under the East German regime...surprise surprise.
However, I would prefer to believe that it was this training music that inspired our fav drug cheats to achieve dominance over the west rather than performance enhancing chemicals.
Volume Two is even better than volume 1,mixing up a bit of Kosmiche with a bit of Motorik,like a groovier Tangerine Dream.
All done without performance enhancing drugs......Shame on you Marlies Göhr, but you and your team mates brightened up those dour olympics in Moscow,and we missed your delightful villany during the tit-for-tat boycott in Los Angeles.Apparently she now shaves those armpits.....what a shame? in that other kind of shame, rather than the hang your head in shame variety.

Liner Notes:
Tracks A1 - B1 from a running programme at 172 BPM with warmup and warmdown pieces.
Tracks B2 - B6 were written to acompany the gymnastic floor excercise and finally tracks B7 - B8 take us onto the ice with two pieces written for the figure skating long program for Katarina Witt.

(More liner notes as a PDF HERE!


A1 Zeit Zum Laufen 172 3:13
A2 Morgenröte 9:51
A3 Flucht Aus Dem Tal Der Ahnungslosen 10:13
B1 Die Kapsel 3:22
B2 Die Libellen 1:29
B3 Mausi Mausi 1:30
B4 Walzer Der Roten Katze 1:34
B5 Chronik 1:39
B6 Der Hörraum 1:32
B7 Für Kati 3:53
B8 Weltraumspaziergang 4:13

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