Sunday, 27 October 2019

Die Magdalene Keibel Combo ‎– "Das Gemeine Reitbein" (Self Released) 1988

Another excellent band name to be jealous of,which comes from a combination of two streets in east Berlin. Magdalene refers to the Magdalenenstraße, the former headquarter of our mates the Stasi (state security service of the GDR);and Keibel refers to the Keibelstraße close to Berlin Alexanderplatz, the central police station.
A keen sense of irony is evident in these band moniker sources,and one can only marvel at the subversive nature of the abstract avant rock minimalism on show on this self_released cassette.
Most of the normals who populate this bizarre rock insist that music can't change the world.Partly true,if the music was made by the 90% that make up the factory fodder that enables this mad system to perpetuate and make our lives verging on the pointless.
Music that wades upstream of accepted taste and morals,no matter how twisted, is, a Philosophy.Which perperates and leeches into the cultural water-table for all to drink.It even eventually penetrates the mind sets of those with 'Camp Guard' syndrome,bastards that they may be,or,nore openmindedly, just victims like us.
Examples have to be set,be it capital punishement for collaborators in genocide,or underground musicians communicating to the oppressed that there may be another better way of life.Whatever that may be?Its a subjective view and could mean the DDR was going in the correct direction,either before or after the wall came down.Don't ask me.


01 Tschaka 1
02 Und wieder zieht ein Wetter auf 1 - Vorstellung
03 Tschaka 2
04 Er hat's geschafft
05 Tschaka 3
06 Klaus Kinski
07 Happy ...?
08 Herzschrittmacher
09 Sak Sak Sak Sakrowski 1 (Sakrowski gegen Lorenz)
10 Wir sind dein schlechtes Gewissen
11 Der blonde Hans
12 Instrumental 1
13 Instrumental 2
14 Tom Dooley
15 Immer an der Wand lang
16 Instrumental 3
17 Berggeist
18 Sak Sak Sak Sakrowski 2
19 DaDaDaDam
20 Graf Zahl
21 Und wieder zieht ein Wetter auf 2
22 Instrumental 4
23 Du hast mich angeschmiert
24 Macht's gut


Kzka said...

And to think that 500 years of democracy all the Swiss produced was Yello.

Jonny Zchivago said...

....and Kleenex.

michael said...

... and Grauzone !!!

Kzka said...

OK, also Kleenex and Grauzone and I suppose you can lump yodeling in with that as well. Maybe great art actually is borne out of Alpine skiing.

albrecht koschnik said...

Well, this time we do have future members of Rammstein (puke and doublepuke!) at work: Christian Lorenz and Paul Landers. That said, this is really excellent! Listening to 'Der blonde Hans' right now, which includes pisstakes of several nauseating German hits from the 80s ... (more puking!).

Jonny Zchivago said...

I am pleasantly ignorant of any member of Rammstein's name,proud to admit.
But this just goes to demonstrate how wrong a musician can go.From this excellent tape to that Laibach goes Metal shit you got me puking!

Luca said...

Is an absolutely great tape, if you go and do some digging at the Tape Attack blog they have a live cassette of these guys there.