Friday 9 August 2019

Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny ‎– "Flower Power Sitar" (Design Records ‎– DLP-280) 1968

Nobody knows who Rajput was, nevermind who was in his backing band, The Sepoy Mutiny!? Probably a few session musicians enlisted on their morning off,or,more likely, the morning after a night on the booze.
One thing's for sure howvever. Raj couldn't play the Sitar very well,and almost certainly was not Indian.
There was a comedian (the late great Les Dawson) in the UK who had the great talent to play the piano just a half note out of tune.Rendering classical tunes as objects of mirth.
Rajput has the same talent with the Sitar,transforming ten harmless pop tunes into ten reasons for the end of music.
Blatantly aimed at the budget end of the Psychedelic revolution,this qualifies as unashamedly exploitative.George Harrison this is not,and the poor kids who bought it expecting such like would have been disappointed that it was not up to the admitedly low standards of 'the Quiet one' himself.
In hindsight, we can forgive the 'cash-in' morals of the original motives for creating this appaling trash;but it has left us 21st century cynics with one of the true treasures from the 60's.Basically, its fucking hilarious.


A1 Flower Power
A2 Flower Bed
A3 I String Beads
A4 Do It With Flowers
A5 Lullaby For Flower Children
B1 Up, Up & Away
B2 Beautiful, Beautiful Flower
B3 Flowers, Flowers Everywhere
B4 Ragadelic
B5 Child Of Love


Ian said...

If i were a betting man, I'd say the hippy psychedelic thing involved flowers.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You know what, i think you're right!!!!!?

snoopy said...


trundley said...

Brilliant to see a full length album version of this kitsch classic up for download at last. Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Considering what it's trying to be. It succeeds. Even the inept sitar playing works to it's advantage. Those of you who just don't like this sort of thing, why are you here? Why don't you go to a soccer(association football)match and yell out I HATE ROUND OBJECTS

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'd go as far as saying,and this is on the record, I hate Football and soccer,hate Footballers,really detest Football fans! and did i say i hate football fans ?!....which is bizarre because i am an avid follower of Leicester City Association Football Club.I never watch Football matches involving anyone else. I accept Footballers as long as they play for us,and am strangely accepting of any Foxes fans for 90 minutes...after that they can fuck right off. All this is genetic and i have no say in the matter.
All that is a bit like why I have an obsession for western chaps playing the Sitar....Big Jim Sullivan,Bil Plummer and rajput are the pinnacle of Western sitar anti matter genius....which i assume you have all heard,and read the posts i have done on these luvely platters?

Jonny Zchivago said...