Thursday, 8 August 2019

Emil Richards ‎– "New Sound Element "Stones" (UNI Records ‎– 73008) 1967

Emil Richards really was Martin Denny on LSD 25? This percussive trip around the twelve 'Birthstones' is one of thee most bizarre records ever produced,and contains some of the most wigged out Moog playing I've ever heard.Its a kind of "The In-Sound From Way Out" ,by Perrey and Kingsley,but for mature adults only.
The Liner notes indicate that the instruments used were "Dr. Irv Wilson's 22-tone-to-the-octave instruments...",and the back cover lists all used tempos from 40/4 (Wot??) to 16 /8 (uh?!!),now that's just plain showin' off?
Our fav Sitarist, Bill Plummer, plays bass on this too!What greater recommendation do you need?
Prepare to have your minds and ears,but not yer knob, well and truly blown.


A1 Garnet (January) 2:26
A2 Amethyst (February) 2:00
A3 Bloodstone (March) 2:19
A4 Diamond (April) 2:35
A5 Emerald (May) 2:25
A6 Moonstone (June) 2:12
B1 Ruby (July) 2:33
B2 Sardonyx (August) 1:59
B3 Sapphire (September) 2:22
B4 Opal (October) 2:43
B5 Topaz (November) 2:00
B6 Turquoise (December) 2:21


Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Many thanks

W. said...

Totally wonderful - thank you!

GrindhouseDJ70 said...

Absolutely blinding album. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Could be used for stripping paint off cars or interrogating political dissidents. Absolute aural vomit, the worst album I think I've ever heard!

Jonny Zchivago said...

The worst album ever?....wot? Worse than "Bat Out Of Hell 2"? I've tried stripping paint with this album and i find that Merzbow does it more efficiently,especially the CD's.