Friday, 16 August 2019

Bill Dana & Joey Forman ‎– "The Mashuganishi Yogi" ( A&M Records ‎– SP-4144) 1968

What happens when some kind of movement,be it from the bowels or a tribe of subversive youths, threatens the very fabric of the establishment? Well, first they(Whoever 'they' are?) feed the fear of the moral majority, then, when those fires are well and truly stoked, they turn it into a joke.
Turning on, Tuning in, and ,worst of all, dropping out, if enacted upon by enough people, would mean the end of the capitalist system.
As much as the many aspects of 'Hippie' were hypocritical, patriarchal and frankly, sexist as fuck;it was the closest any of these 'movements' have come to dislodging the accepted order.
Queue Joey Forman and Bill Dana, two barely known second rate comediens to thoroughly take the Piss out of the easiest stuff to take the piss out of. Agents of the state no doubt,but nonetheless, slightly amusing agents of the state.
The religious aspects of Hippie were as big a danger to its members than the 'free love' concept was for female freedom of choice. So anything that ridicules this great evil is okay by me.
Besuited Jazzer turned Sitar god, Bill Plummer, provides the Sitar in the background by the way.....check out his album HERE!


A1 Airport Press Conference 6:29
A2 The Mashuganishi On Love 6:18
A3 Student Conference 5:05
B1 The Mashuganishi At The P.T.A. 5:07
B2 Man With Problem 1:53
B3 Woman With Problem 0:20
B4 Chicken Farmer With Problem 1:10
B5 V.I.P. With Problem 1:13
B6 Jose Jimenez' Question 0:43
B7 Smoker With Problem 0:57
B8 Businessman With Problem 0:38
B9 Mashuganishi Farewell 3:45

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