Saturday, 17 August 2019

The Status Quo ‎– "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo" (Pye Records ‎– NPL 18220) 1968

"Why is there never any Status Quo on this shit Blog", I hear you screaming!
I agree, so here's The Quo's foray onto the dangerous career path that was Psychsploitation.
Long before our heroes resigned themselves to a lifetime of heads down,no nonsense, mindless boogie, they were the victims of some clueless record company remoulding.
All they wanted to do was play some rock'n'roll, but der management sent them to fancy hairdressers,and to buy the latest psychedelic dandy clothing from 'Granny Takes a Trip' on carnaby street. Then they spent a whole album trying to rewrite their hit, "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" twelve times; admitedly with some help from Marty Wilde and Barry Gibb, and to some extent they succeeded.This really does sound like the same song played over and over again.....and thats what makes it GREAT!
That guitar sound is only second in greatness to that achieved by the peerless Glitter Band...amazing stuff!
My brother's first single was 'Pictures of Matchstick Men',a fucking good first single is that! The best i could do was David Essex , sadly not the incredibly cool 'Rock On', but the later number one 'Gonna Make You A Star',not so cool.....but hey, I like it!
Love the Quo too, mainly because Parfitt and Rossi would be first on my list of fantasy dinner guests.Great chaps,who always seemed to be enjoying life.Unlike Rick Parfitt is now,as he died after several heart attacks. 
During an interview, after he had died for several minutes in Hospital weeks before the fatal attack; he was asked if he'd experienced anything during the time he was 'dead'.....always amusing he answered with a laugh,
"Nah, all just went Black!" (R.I.P, Rick in Peace)


A1 Black Veils Of Melancholy
Written-By – Rossi 3:13
A2 When My Mind Is Not Alive
Written-By – R. Parfitt Written-By [Uncredited] – Rossi 2:48
A3 Ice In The Sun
Written-By – M. Wilde, R. Scott 2:10
A4 Elizabeth Dreams
Written-By – M. Wilde, R. Scott 3:24
A5 Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe
Written-By – K. Young 2:59
A6 Paradise Flat
Written-By – M. Wilde, R. Scott 3:11
B1 Technicolor Dreams
Written-By – A. King 2:49
B2 Spicks And Specks
Written-By – B. Gibb 2:40
B3 Sheila
Written-By – T. Roe 1:52
B4 Sunny Cellophane Skies
Written-By – A. Lancaster 2:41
B5 Green Tambourine
Written-By – Leka, Pinz 2:14
B6 Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Written-By – Rossi 3:05

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