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Lord Sitar (Big Jim Sullivan) - "Sitar-a-gogo" & "Lord Sitar" (Mercury/Columbia) 1967/1968

Big Jim Sullivan's rock'n'roll credentials go back as long as British Rock's family tree existed. Big Jim's career started in 1959 after meeting Marty Wilde in the 3'i's coffee bar.
He's played on fifty nine number one UK hit singles, and his lengthy career included stints with Tom Jones and the James Last Orchestra.

Naturally, his Sitar technique was far superior to virtually anyone elses in the western world(yes even Bill Plummers!),although he still is no Ravi Shankar of course.
As Lord Sitar, he knocked out a couple of dozen easternized Psych-pop hits over the course of two cynical Psychsploitation albums.they obviously shifted some units because they made two albums of this stuff.
Before he died, he used to vist Tony 'Bass Player' Bell,who used to live nearby, here in France.He's the one who reckoned he played the bass on Johnny Kidd's "Shakin' All Over".....I checked this out by e-mailing Johnny Spence,the bass player in the Pirates...and he said he was talkin' the full anecdote from earlier in the blog HERE!
Sadly I never got to meet Big Jim! Rest in peace you legend you.

"Sitar-a-Gogo" (1967):

1 She's Leaving Home 2:39
2 Sunshine Superman 3:29
3 A Whiter Shade Of Pale 2:49
4 LTTS 3:48
5 The Koan 3:08 (featuring John MacLaughlan)
6 Tallyman 2:36
7 The Sitar And The Rose 2:54
8 Translove Airways (Fat Angel) 2:09
9 Within You Without You 3:50
10 Flower Power 3:30

"Lord Sitar" (1968):

1 If I Were A Rich Man 5:40
2 Emerald City 2:50
3 Tomorrow's People 3:00
4 Daydream Believer 3:30
5 Like Nobody Else 4:30
6 I Am The Walrus 4:10
7 In A Dream 3:15
8 Eleanor Rigby 2:20
9 I Can See For Miles 2:45
10 Blue Jay Way 4:20
11 Black Is Black 2:50

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sweethooligan said...

Saw Big Jim at my very first gig when he was in Tiger, supporting Hawkwind in 1976...