Friday, 2 February 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Axis Sally" (Broken Flag ‎– BF8) 1983

Axis Sally, for those who didn't know (Or care?),which is most everybody; was the female version of Lord Haw Haw on the Nazi English language propaganda service during world war two.......and you thought this might be a Broken Flag release without any reference to right wing politics in Germany.......well, you were wrong.
Then we look at the track list and see that every track has some reference at least to Nazi's or right wing twits like Senator Joe McCarthy.
Axis Sally, like Lord Haw Haw ,was American......ahh the 'special relationship' between Britain and the USA  rears its non-existent head once more. But at least we (the Brits) got to hang Lord Haw Haw, whereas Axis Sally escaped the Gallows, as many other 'top' Nazis did thanks to a concept of American Justice that has now disappeared.
All this Nazi, Murderer, Sadism stuff ,is designed to confront ourselves with the part of ourselves we would rather not admit to;and to a certain extent it works.Sadly Like when Donald Trump said "You won't find anyone less Racist than me",few people are comfortable at being confronted by this side to their character.
However, these tapes are preaching to the converted, and I doubt Trump and his dim-witted followers would be interested in listening to banks of squealing synths and barked distorted couplets about Nazis....Trump supporters think they aren't Nazis,so this would put them off immediately. Put all this stuff over a country and Western track instead of skin blistering noise, then they may pay long as its in short bursts like TV ads,as they have the attention spans of goldfish with Alzheimers. 

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Jiggles the Antelope said...

I often hear people call Trump a racist and homophobe, but I have yet to hear a single verifiable quote or any audio or video corroboration to back up these assertions. Not one... why do you suppose that is? While he's definitely an old school sexist, he's certainly no worse than Bill Clinton. And regarding the whole "Nazi" thing, yes the US is over half Nazi which is why Trump's approval rating is now better than Obama's was at the same point during that presidency. Like all those Brit "Nazis" who voted for Brexit.

There's no way anyone on the left is going to win anything in the future unless, like Bernie Sanders (who was cheated by his own party insiders, who of course knew what was best for their constituents so decided to override them), they come up with platforms based on actual IDEAS and STANCES rather than childish ad hominem name calling which everyone is so sick of already. You want Trump to win another term by an even bigger margin? Then keep doing what you're doing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suppose building a wall o keep out those mexican rapists, drug dealers etc qualifies him as a great unifier of the human race. If you can't confront the racist in other people how the hell can one confront the racist within ourselves?
If the economic bubble continues to grow due to his inflationary tax cuts, he'll sure as shit get a second term,even if he starts gassing bush snr said "Its the economy stupid"....or gimme some dollar and you can do what the fuck you want philosophy that is so popular with the electorate.

Anonymous said...

Funny how all the TOP Nazis were gay Jewish actors (just like all these serial killers)! Hitler had a police record for pederasty and being a rent boy! His boyfriend Rudolf Hess, Jewish too like Himmler, Eichmann, Goebbels, Hans Frank, Robert Lei, Goering, General Keitel, what a coincidence! The Red Cross gives the total dead for Auschwitz as just over 370,000 which corresponds to the figures in the Auschwitz Todtbucher in Russian hands and the British spy centre's numbers, death most by natural causes and by typhus causing by Allied bombers bombing the water and food supplies. The question is who makes the Nazis? US/British banks who also bankrolled Stalin. MI5 gave money to Mussolini after the WWI, that was nice of them.

Jonny Zchivago said...

And what is wrong exactly with being Gay, Jewish,or an Actor?.....well maybe don't answer that concerning 'Actors'. Hitler was an 'Artist' however,and we know what a bunch of narcissistic ego fuelled twats they are .
Who makes the Nazis?...Long Horn Breeds like Rust-belt drongo's do.
Ahh...the MI5 would have been MI6 anyway if it involved foreign political manipulation.
370,000 sounds about right for Auschwitz......still a lot however....but none gassed is the point i assume?