Monday, 26 February 2018

Masonna ‎– "Masonna Vs. Bananamara" - (Vanilla Records ‎– VANILLA-3) 1989

No series of posts on Japanese music would be complete without the poster boy, and wild man of Japnoise, Masonna.
Once a close associate of the often mentioned Merzbow, Maso Yamazaki has a fine line in extreme screaming and shouting, which adds that much needed performance aspect to power electronics.Without that human factor the constant distorted tornado can get incredibly tiresome.
This mono outing in (Ironic)tribute to those ear and brain damaging pop superstars ,Bananarama, is fittingly extreme,and ear protection is recommended.
The fact that all tracks were recorded in glorious Mono, live, at home,with no mixing,and no overdubs,seem to suggest this is the perfect DIY record. Well done my son!

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