Thursday, 15 February 2018

Incapacitants ‎– "Project Pallo" - (Pariah Tapes ‎– PT-3, PT-4, & PT-5) 1985

Yes, its a wall of electronic circuit damaged noise spread over three cassettes.....but the most interesting discussion point is why have they used 1970's cheesy wrestling maestro Jackie "Mr TV " Pallo as the focal theme for this synapse welding noise holocaust?
Mr Pallo, was just one of a galaxy of incredibly unfit,and stagy cartoon characters, that made up the year round pantomime that was ITV Wrestling.Which was a scene of laughably fake wrestling,attended by hundreds of aggressive grannies looking for blood.
The biggest (as in 'Fat') stars were Shirley 'Big Daddy' Crabtree,and the 6 foot 11 inches tall 'Giant Haystacks',who managed to fill Wembley Arena with Gobby Grannies in 1976 for the big showdown....which Big Daddy won....somehow?....Watch this bizzare spectacle HERE!.....they were both out of breath before they reached the ring!
Why Incapacitants chose Jackie Pallo over 'Kendo Nagasaki' I'm struggling to understand.
Kendo, as he was known to his friends, and manager (the hilarious Gorgeous George), never spoke or gave interviews, and wore a mask 24/7.....he was also obviously NOT Japanese.This could be the reason, along with the tasteless sense to name himself after a nuclear atrocity and a martial art...which I reckon is to be applauded.
Pallo himself had a head of flowing golden locks, frequently tied in a pony tail,stripy pants and golden boots.Often he exchanged banter with the grannies in the front row, like some character in a Carry-on movie.
Check out his fight with Johnny Kwango, the king of the Head Butt. Kwango was billed as being from Lagos, Nigeria, rather than from Peckham, where he was born.
As a tribute to 'Mr TV',i'm sure the man himself would have been horrified, and would probably challenged Incapacitants to a bout of Tag-wrestling, doubtlessly partnered by Kendo Nagasaki for disrespecting Kendo's home nation.....yeah, thats right,England.


Pallo 1 "Receita"

A Jaapsoc 24:04
B1 Leprosy 9:33
B2 Manic-Depressive 14:28

Pallo 2 "Quiet Sound"
C Peony Crackers 2 24:06
D Irrevocable Letter Of Credit 24:06

Pallo 3 "To Die Key"
E Living Zombie Is About To Die 24:05
F Long Awaited 24:05

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