Friday, 16 February 2018

Incapacitants ‎– "Stupid Is Stupid" (Sounds For Consciousness Rape ‎– S.F.C.R. 027) 1993

Stupid is stupid is stupid is stupid as stupid does, would be a catchphrase for the Trump and NRA stance on Gun Laws.
Yesterday there was the 18th school shooting this year in the USA, and its only half way through February. That's exactly 18 more school shootings than in the whole of the rest of the planet!?....probably more than in every country combined for all time!
The argument this time is that if the innocent Assault Rifle hadn't had a mentalist attached to it, it wouldn't have killed anybody!??? no other country has mental cases who want to kill people?...the difference is...and its a simple but big difference, is that the mental cases in every other country except the USA can't get hold of Automatic weaponry!
Its also far easier to remove a gun from a situation rather than a human being......even though their dumb-ass answer to that is to just shoot the Human leaving the gun inoperable.
This double cassette has nothing to do with the NRA or those stupid is stupid U.S. gun laws, but the sound recorded on them could easily be a soundtrack to a mass shooting by an angry young outcast with a K-Mart shopping bag full of ammo.
This only happens in the USA, and noise of this quality only happens in Japan....well at least for the past thirty years anyway.


Studio Materials

A1 Stupid Is Stupid
A2 Don't Sleep While We Explain
B Even Stupid Can Be Director

Live Materials

C Live At 20000V, Koenji - Tokyo, Nov. 3rd 1991
D Live At 20000V, Koenji - Tokyo, Feb. 27th 1992


rev.b said...

You're only right. This time we've got the parents of the dead and surviving students screaming at politicians on TV. All well and good, but if we expect politicians to affect a change in this sad reality, a majority will need to pull their head's out of the social media arsehole and vote with their hearts and common sense rather than with what they read on fb, twttr, or sawon TV. I remain pessimistic, but hold out hope because what else can one do sitting in the hand basket?


i like turtles.

badgerstump said...

turtles are shit

terrapins is where it's at