Tuesday, 20 February 2018

S·Core ‎– "A Great Lump" (Technological Feeling ‎– TF 11) 1987

Old Skool(UK) post industrial dark ambient,in the style of  Nocturnal Emissions or Zoviet France, from Japan. Some parts of this could even be danced to by some Neo-Goths in a random urban nite-klub in former Yugoslavia.
There are two kinds of music that are perfect background music to a laid-back party, probably involving smoking class-B herbal products;and they are,obviously, Dub Reggae and,less obviously, Post-Industrial Dark Ambient.
If there's a white Rasta hippy present who's stoned enough, they'll probably attempt to do some skanking dance to most of this record.....don't let that put you off.....as sickening a thought as it may be!!! 


A1 Insanity Of Grandeur 7:42
A2 Dog Whip 4:30
A3 For The Coming Day 2:50
A4 Relapse 3:42
A5 No's Music 0:30
A6 Waifs And Strays 3:25
B1 R.I.P. 3:32
B2 I Was Punished By Heaven 4:40
B3 Magnetic Force 3:06
B4 A Sacred Light 2:55
B5 Augur 3:22
B6 Baptism Of Fire 3:22
B7 Ritualism 2:42

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Mrs. Inside said...

thank you! i've been searching for this one.