Monday, 12 February 2018

Taku Sugimoto ‎– "Opposite" (hatNOIR ‎– hatNOIR 802) 1998

This is a request, but also a timely tranquil respite from all the soul-crushing noise that I've been posting of late.The title is very appropriate,as the improvised guitar minimalism is the absolute 'opposite' to the racket put forward by 'Flying Testicle' previously.The Japanese aren't all VU meters in the red zone types after-all.This one barely registers at all!
It sounds like a guitar being hit by some unknown objects flailing in the wind and striking the strings randomly,but with the wind noise edited out.
Its one of those 'it's not what you put in its what you leave out' kind of moments.99% silence...... Very calming. 

1 Mirrors 1:08
2 Bells Of ... 4:05
3 Flagments Of Happiness 1:35
4 Spoon River I 3:57
5 Spring 3:22
6 Midnoon 1:44
7 Opposite 0:46
8 Subtle 1:37
9 Birds Of Afternoon 1:32
10 Stained Glass Windows 1:21
11 A Narrow Path 1:32
12 Transylvania 2:34
13 Paris 1:31
14 Spoon River II 3:17
15 Monad 8:49
16 Treading 2:22
17 Pale Light 1:33
18 A Day Book 2:04
19 At The Corner 2:01
20 To Ward 1:11


Albrecht Koschnik said...

Excellent choice! This is a classic, a good example for a strand of very quiet improvised music emerging in Japan (and US, Europe) in the course of the 1990, Taku Sugimoto being one of the key figures. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

Anonymous said...

my mediefire says access denied

Anonymous said...

but at a second attempt it did download

rev.b said...

I like this, at once alienated and intimate. Might become a favorite. I'll letcha know.