Sunday, 18 February 2018

Toukaseibunshi ‎– "Meta-Inorganicmatter Meta-Newlon" (Angakok ‎– AKT005) 1986

Hironari Iwata, was Toukaseibunshi, or Transparent Molecules in English.
He made this album, and ran his own label, 'Angakok' for a couple of years in the mid-eighties, then disappeared for twenty years, only to return in 2009!?.....if only a lot of other artists would do that,and I can think of a lot that would benefit from disappearing permanently.
Hironari thankfully steers clear of the 'Power Electronics' tag, and concentrates on minimal glitchy circuit bending drones.
The 'Drone' is really only something an artist should do Once, and as Iwata did just this, he must be lauded as a visionary......well done young man!

A1 Glace
B1 Enthsiate
B2 Cryptogramm
B3 Luverd


Jerry Shelton said...

Well. Johnny, you've gone and made my favorite music blog. Or at least the one I visit the most. Thanks so much. Have you ever heard of Randy H. Y. Yau? Self described 'action concrete', whatever that means. Whatever, really good noise, literally sticks a microphone down his throat.

Jonny Zchivago said...

.....and I think I just found my favourite comment by a jerry sheldon...ever!
Not heard of randy the mike swallower,but sounds like I may appreciate him.Especially as he's called 'Randy'....that's carry-on English for 'Horny' don't cha know?