Wednesday, 28 February 2018

C.C.C.C. - "Reflexive Universe" (Vanilla Records ) 1991

The core line up of this Japnoise duo/band consisted of Hiroshi Hasegawa(late of the bands Astro & Mortal Vision) and former porn actress Mayuko Hino.
Naughty nymphet Hino would occasionally reprise this saucy element of her past into her performances by engaging in such acts as onstage striptease(Oooooh I say!?). Another less engaging feature of their live shows was the plastic bags of freshly excreted Piss that were thrown into the audience.Wish I was there....Not!
Aesthetically, Mayuko Hino advocated a very emotive and cathartic approach to the noise as opposed to the conceptual and intellectual approaches advocated by many other (predominantly 'Male')acts in the Power Electronics sub-genre. Typically a female approach,Mayuko Hino believes that an emotional, rather than an intellectual, approach to noise not only creates more interesting sounds, but reveals much more about the approach I rather agree with,although the intellectual approach I also find rather cathartic, personally. The human element is essential if this noise onslaught is not to become distant and and inhuman....and, I reiterate, Boring!

Well, now you can listen to the live improvised noise experience of C.C.C.C. without the prospect of being hit in the kisser with a bag of warm piss by downloading this single sided C-45 of the 4 C's in aktion.......but by the end of 24 minutes of constant electronic fuzz you'll be begging to be drenched in any former porn actresses piss, as long as most of it goes in your ears to dampen (see what I did?) this,as far as i can hear, un-emotional barrage of white noise,and/or Japnoise.


Side A - Untitled (24:04)


rev.b said...

trump would have loved this band. No wait, she's not a blonde caucasian. never mind. Still, I can't think of anyone who better deserves a bag of warm piss in the face. Hope the see the KGB video one day....

Jonny Zchivago said...

I wouldn't waste anyones piss on Trump if he was on fire begging me to save him.
We'll see the Pee-Pee party vid one day when, or if, he outlives his usefulness for Putin i wager.

rev.b said...

Good points.

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't waste anyones piss on Trump if he was on fire begging me to save him."
Can I quote you for this? Awesomely brilliant like your awesome and brilliant (am I repeting myself?), gruesome, sinister and amazing posts.

Harry Kiri from the 9th circle of hell salutes you!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Proud to be quoted Harry.
I'd say the same to the small handed orange fool in person if i had the chance before i got tazered.
Pleased you enjoy those various aspects of my posts.

Anonymous said...

hey man

thanks for all the japanese noise, and the italian noise, and all that uk stuff too (TNB, Organum, etc, etc).... my ears will bleed this weekend.