Friday, 13 November 2015

:zoviet-france: ‎– "Norsch" (Red Rhino Records ‎– RED23) 1983

When I bought this,I was attracted by its shiny silver foil cover, glistening from the Industrial section in, the now defunct, Rhythm Records in Camden Lock around 1985.Like a music magpie I pounced,unaware of its identity. And what joy unfolded, as when I arrived home the sleeve included two 33rpm LP's and a 45rpm 12 incher.
I thought that was the actual official contents until quite recently. The two LP's were in fact the Zoviet France double album "Mohmonische", which must have been inserted in error by confused record shop staff;and the 45rpm 12" was "Norsch". 
"Norsch" has that trademark tribal feel, like some kind of secular ritual disco for a nuclear winter. Which manifests impressions of abandoned cities,with gatherings of disfigured survivors performing a ritual sacrifice in a burnt out supermarket.
Whip this out after Daesh(ISIS) has nuked your home town.....but then again there would be no electricity would there(?) so don't bother.

( can download the "Eostre" album HERE!...for which i received a DCMA complaint for from one  of the dick'eads in the band)


1. Tauss
2. Baelmaen
3. Virang
4. Imirsch
5. Vorvah

DOWNLOAD for your bunker HERE!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the person who put that Mohnomishe double LP by mistake gave you quite a gift, this is easily one of my top 5 best albums of all time in dark ambient. Did you find the cover later, because the cover is amazing as well.

Thanks for the posting!

I have those on CD but also on LP. Just too good.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Absolutely. Mohnomishe is a great work,and the best ZF release in my humbles. I've never had the cover,and alway thought the silver foil cover was it,until the late 90's when i saw the real deal.

rev.b said...

How could anyone walk away from a package like this, regardless of the contents? I don't know the double Lp. but I know the name and trust the source, so I'm in. I f my home os nuked, nothing will matter, or will be matter for that matter,but I'll leave this in the bunker just in case they miss me be a few.

Jonny Zchivago said...

In fact come friendly nuclear device and save us from ourselves!..But first we need to put stuff like this in a nuclear proof box to show our planets inheritors that the human race wasn't all bad. In fact "Mohmonische" is the one i'd put in there.

steve shark said...

I'm sure you have my records, and i have your cover, It was Rhythm Records camden i bought Mohnomishe, with the double album Eostre inside, also took me a number of years to realise the mistake.

Jonny Zchivago said...

hi, i think i have your records,but you must have the sleeve for them. the sleeve i have is the tin foil one for 'norsh', which is what i thought i was buying, but contained three 12 inchers. it was an easy mistake to make, as there isn't too much info involved for disinterested staff.
somwhere there is an Eostre sleeve with no records inside!?