Thursday, 26 November 2015

Big City Orchestra ‎– "Planet Of Giants" (Self-Released C-60) 1988

Prolific abstract non-music collective, BCO, are more often than not stuck in the Drone rut. Thankfully this doesn't happen on "Planet Of Giants".....well not much anyway.
Two live sides from 1986-88, side one being a cut up monologue based on the theme of water,complete with recordings of  various water scenario's,and some american chap droning on about 'warder',which is american for water.
Side two starts off with a repetitive hammering sound not unlike House music and its derivatives, stripped down to its most basic brainwashing form, overlaid with twisting electronics and mangled porno soundtracks.
The last track is a kind of fairground organ drone track. A haunting calliope mocking the listener from a lost childhood. Guaranteed to make you feel old and depressed.....what fun.
To sum up a rather excellent C-60 that deserves a wider audience.


A1Water Rituals
B1Victor And Victim
B2An Unearthly Child

BEAM IT DOWN from the planet of giants HERE!


Carlo said...

Thank you, BCO is one of my fovourite bands.

George Harold said...

This is great! Thanks for uploading it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I absolutely love this one. Reminds me of early Throbbing Gristle, but more colorful.

Alan Burns said...

Brilliant stuff! This is a new one on me.