Thursday, 12 November 2015

:$oviet:France: - "Garista" (self released cassette) 1982

Zoviet France make a kind of post-apocalyptic urban folk, as if they were doomsday survivors making ritual music for the new age from the remnants of the old.
This begs the question of "Who would you allow into your Nuclear Bunker?"
'Dave Cameron' knocks on your door with his carpenter mate,who do you allow in? There's limited space.
Answer is obviously Mucky Mick the carpenter,and 'Dave' can fuck right off. In fact if Cameron turned up with Hitler,it'd be a difficult choice. As tempting as it is to choose Adolf for his organisational skills and charisma, Dave may get the vote so you could have someone to beat up,and he speaks English.
If Zoviet France rang the bunkers door bell alongside Mumford and sons,you would relish the chance to send the Mumfords to burn in the coming Nuclear wind.Although ZF would beat most music acts for a ticket to the post apocalyptic Earth; unless Danny and the Dressmakers turned up,they'd be safe-ish.
They were to get far more ambient than this early effort, but somehow I prefer their earlier dark tribal ambient Industrial sound. The random joy of the analogue tape loop is evident, among the bursts of electronic noise,and tape echo laden percussion. A sound sculpted from the crumbling edifices of post-industrial Britain.

A1 Scrama Mdags
A2 Mosbas
A3 Mama Piss
A4 Nruknesh
A5 Caarcuraz
B1 M1 M1 M1
B2 Rangmabasm

DOWNLOAD some geordie style communist bon vie HERE!


Anonymous said...

brilliant band that still produces qualty!


Anonymous said...

Didn't these guys try to take a post of their music down on the last blog?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, that's correct.It was this one.I noticed that the file was still in my mediafire account,so a re-posting was in order.We'll see if one of them object again. There's more ZF in the pipeline anyway.