Friday, 27 November 2015

Big City Orchestra ‎– "In The Near Future" (Freedom In A Vacuum) 1988

Mmmm,what shall i do today? I think i'll make a dozen 30 minute  drone epics in real time. Thats an easy way to make a 'Weird' back catalogue with the minimum possible effort.
These two sides are rather like spending a night in a freezer centre,with the freezer units humming a monotonous lullaby,and the local dysfunctional Buddhist group are meeting next door.
Everyone and their granny has got a drone project festering away inside them,and  hearing more than one can,amazingly enough, lead to boredom. I'm sure its fine for a spot of transcendental sport in your flotation chamber, in fact its a great soundtrack for any self-indulgent hobby.....including making drone music.
This tape's strengths lie in its subtlety and space, something other drone epics struggle to hold on to.They have a danger akin to a painter mixing all his/her paints end up with a brown mess.Although, this one is somewhere between a light Ochre and a dark Sienna.


1. Cooperate With Integrity
2. Handle Either Or Both

DOWNLOAD in the very near future HERE!

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Thank you yet again! This is pretty much the best blog on the internet, there are so much wonderful artists I'm just discovering.