Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lustmord - "Lustmørd" (Sterile Records-SR3) 1981

The step-daddy of Dark Ambient's debut release on Nigel Ayer's Sterile Records,back when Dark Ambient was still called Industrial. Now its a fully formed sub-genre,drowning in a sea of thousands of other lonely sub-genres.
This is a classic dark muddy collage full of field recordings of children playing over some sub-bass throbbing, and deadened drums. The obligatory crude electronic noise and liberal use of effects is of course present, with the expected voice samples (recordings) rising and falling beneath the surface.There are some heavily processed vocals,which at several stages sound like 'The Soup dragon' as featured in cult kiddies TV programme, "The Clangers";but here,as recorded falling into a Black Hole.(click here to see the episode where the young impressionable Zchivago learned about reproduction....its never been explained any better.)  
Naturally Brian's still going strong today,probably helped by not using his real name on his earlier releases. Which miserable Industrial fan would have been attracted to the sinister ambient soundscapes of Brian Williams, or,alternatively, the same by some creepy bloke called Lustmord, with an "ø"? Even this stuff was all about marketing.......right now, I'd choose the Brian version.

Track Listing:

1.  (intro) The Valley of Death
2.  At Thee Mountains Of Madness
3.  Untitled
4.  Headplate
5.  Sibling
6.  Untitled
7.  Murderwreker
8.  Slabstone
9.  Arise
10. Kredo/Nemo
11. Beast Of Burden Beast Of Prey

DOWNLOAD the dark broody world of Brian HERE!

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Caitlyn / CPI said...

any chance you know if this is the LP rip or the live cassette?
Discogs has the cassette, with the art you show, as a live version:

thanks either way