Saturday, 21 November 2015

Body Without Organs ‎– "Isis And Thoth" (Audiofile Tapes ‎– aT 5) 1985

Keeping on the uber-trendy theme of Terrorist attack overkill, we have the unfortunately named "Isis and Thoth"; although I have never heard of the terror group called "Thoth".Maybe it was formed for the discerning freedom fighter with a lisp? Spreading fear of terrorism is almost as boring as waiting for the first mention of the so-called 'Holocaust' on an Industrial album, which takes about two minutes on this very tape.
Thoth, in fact was the man credited with the invention of writing in Ancient Egypt,which is now used to write reams of speculative nonsense like about the Russian Jet that came down; so it comes around like a fleet of buses with no space for anymore passengers.
'Daesh' is another name for 'ISIS', which is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and least it was last week?
These stone age throwbacks will be more than displeased to know that the original Isis was a female Goddess in Ancient Egypt,who helped and protected people! These thick idiots would probably behead and crucify anyone who mentioned this fact,especially if they wrote it as Thoth would have it!
Basically, I have a more appropriate title for their organisation which comes from ancient English..."TWATS!"
Body Without Organs get the holocaust in quick, then satanism, then death, then some surrealist kabalah nonsense;which they mention on the cover as being a hit single,in a lame attempt at humour a la Throbbing Gristle's "20 Jazz Funk greats".
If you ignore the Egyptian mythological nazi Death in Hell themes (Yawn!), this is a very listenable bit of mild industrial in the US style.Lots of speech samples, electronics, and swathes of Echo.
Nice background music to that Terrorist fancy dress fondue soirée you were gonna have the day after the Paris attacks.


A1She - Women Of The SS
A2Vanishing Pentagram
A3I Am In Hell
A4Dada Kabalah
B1Alchemy I
B2Alchemy II
B3Osiris Rises
B4The Market

DOWNLOAD another god that doesn't exist and father of scribbling HERE!


W. said...

I continue to be tickled by your writing - thank you for entertaining me.

faraway said...

this is my rip that I passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,one day I will re-post it on my blog...

Jonny Zchivago said...

so thats where it came from? nice job. I remember getting this from some brazilian chap on facebook,wasn't gonna post it,but it became topical so i just had to use it.

rev.b said...

Well Sun Ra used the term "Thoth" on occasion, but he never slaughtered anyone, at least not physically. At least his was a brand of terrorism that benefited this planet.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The sad truth is ISIS would have beheaded Sun Ra for heresy, and for making music; which is banned in the Islamic State. If this isn't reason enough to destroy these cavemen,then I dunno what is.

Anonymous said...

Isis is right to ban music. And by "right" i mean fuck those motherfuckers, but anyone who wants to control a populace should ban music because its very content is freedom and desire. Im surprised america hasnt banned music. of course anything anything can be turned to a control/complacency device. Or can it? Led Zep works for car commercials 40 yrs later. Would this? Maybe some music is qualitatively different.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Absolutly , music can, and has changed the world. As moronic as some pop musicians can be, this medium is almost the sole route for modern philosophy to reach a mass audience. The CIA/MI5/Mossad etc work full time trying to modify modern pop music to effect control of ideas and minds; mainly distraction(sex and drugs) and promoting out of control capitalism (Hip Hop).
Its been pretty much under control since about 1988 with the onslaught of Ecstasy and dance culture,and Hip Hop suddenly became obsessed with ferrari's and shagging......and yes Fuck Those Mofo's,and their bosses (CIA/MOSSAD etc)