Saturday, 12 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "The Emergency Cassette- Lightbulb Magazine" (Los Angeles Free Music Society, 2x C-60) 1981

A huge and insanely diverse compilation of Abstract lunacy which came with the fourth edition of LAFMS magazine 'lightbulb'.
We've even got the Meat Puppets on here,and thankfully they don't sound like the Meat Puppets from later in the eighties 'cus they were shit; they aren't here.
We got 45 Grave, future LA Goth rockers who later sounded like a Beverly hills version of X-Mal Deutschland, but contained a member with one of the best stage names ever....Dinah Cancer.Their track here is in fact a rather marvellous sonic splatter painting,disguising the goth leanings like a Dazzle Ship.They could have been great!
The Berlin School of electronic musik makes an appearance too,in the form of Herr Asmus Tietchens,which is strange for a Los Angeles comp?
Of course there's plenty of unhinged experimentation from Rick and Joe Potts,Tom Recchion, Dennis Duck and the famous Doo-Dooettes to satisfy your craving for truly unique abstract madness.

Track listing:
Volume One:
01 Tomm Recchion And The Friends Of Leslie-I Walk Through Walls
02 Monique-Bathroom
03 Jad Fair-Kristy
04 Doug Snyder-Imaginary Descenders
05 Creatures Lives-Freedom Like A Burning Wall
06 Smegma-#2
07 Peepland-Mark Stuber
08 The Lunchmen-Rock With Three Eyes
09 John Duncan-LBMA
10 International Language-Angels
11 Duba/Sansome-Limbo Sock
12 30 Windswept Dimes-Nestor Carbuncles
13 Decayes-Dancehall
14 45 Grave-Bobby
15 Half Bodied Baby-The Bullfrogs
16 Human Hands-She Eats Bugs
17 Neef-Gondwanland
18 Glo-Bin Treeflip-No Title
19 Bachelors Even-Tes Lolos Tremolos
20 Rick Potts-Draw Spunky
21 Bridge-Countdown
22 Fragile Hats-Suddenly...
23 Fredrik Nilsen-Our First Date

Volume Two:
01 Jes Grew-Another Chance To Lose
02 B people-Give Up
03 Phranc-I Like Life
04 Asmus Titchens-Club Of Rome
05 Them Rhythm Ants-50 Opinions
06 Tiny Holes-Billy
07 Random Samples-Random Sample
08 Flap-Pablo Kwell
09 Tela Conversion-Take Possess
10 Meat Puppets-Meat Puppets
11 Doodooettes-That Moment
12 Pep Lester-It's No Fair
13 Bridge-Untitled
14 Cameron Hands Penis Envy-Room With A View
15 Dennis Duck-Dogs Don't Drive
16 Brent Wilcox-Santa Fe Dub
17 Planet Z-Jungle Rot
18 Arrow Book Club-Morris Time
19 Bruce Licher-Compositions For Computer#1
20 Slimy Adenoid & The Fab Pabs-Twist & Squirm
21 Rick Potts & His Riddle Orchestra-I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
22 The Tribal Fops-Blue Pork Chops
23 Bill Noland-Helen Does A Waltz
24 Foundation Boo-X-Land

Emergency DOWNLOAD volume one HERE!

Emergency DOWNLOAD volume two HERE!


Anonymous said...

the linked files are Blorb Essette vols. 1-2, not the Emergency tapes ....

Kenny said...

Eh, these 2 files are the same as what you posted last week - Blorp Essette Volume One & Two.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry everyone, i'm still a bit's that head trauma again!...I have now rectified my stupid error.Feel free to download something you don't already have.Many apologies.

Chris S said...

These sound awesome. Can't wait to check em'out. Thanks so much Jonny!

Chris Sessions said...

These sound amazing. Can't wait to check em'out. Thanks so much Jonny!

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize! As usual, you are offering up some amazing music and in the case of LAFMS, some fully disheveled and easily mixuppable music.
Thanks again!

Judas Vigilante said...

Can't wait to get my hands on these later today. Most likely another gem from you Johnny as usual. Sounds fantastic.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You won't be disappointed, these cassettes ARE fantastic.

Judas Vigilante said...

Hi Jonny, true to your word, the tapes where bloody amazing, right from the first track. In my humble opinion, personally one of the best things you put up. Thanks a lot for this. This is why people come here. To be enlightened and get they're eyes opened to amazing music. F*ucking excellent service you provide. Long may Die or DIY run!


Jonny Zchivago said...

Just one point.
you are supposed to put the asterisk in place of the letters of the sweary word, not add to it!
Nice one, knew you'd like it,spot on about track one....then it goes on from there.
Thanks for your big up.

Judas Vigilante said...

My bad about the asterisk. It was late last night and I was tired. Long day etc.
Keep on Rollin,

Anonymous said...

Kills me how ahead of there time the LAFMSS click was. Used to have all the rare vinyls. wish i never sold em and even had some that only 50 were made w/ art included. the problem when your life is hell. lucky i lived through it i guess. great i can get to hear some of these again. Used to have some of the live shows from LAFMS members and tons of early LA punk shows. lucky still have some of those even though some got lost,stolen,or trashed. thnx

Jonny Zchivago said...

Life as Hell is not conducive to record collecting.
Thankfully, the interent makes it very easy to get all that stuff back...except the artwork,but i'm sure that will come with affordable 3D printing.

I adore the LAFMS,still doing it today.

Anonymous said...


The NEEF title is actually 'Gondwanaland' ...

(Thought you'd like t'know!)

Over & Out