Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Conrad Schnitzler ‎– "Blau" (Conrad Schnitzler Self-released ‎– KS 1003) 1974

The rebels are hidden in the mountains,says the first track on this classic Electronic album packed with wonderful early seventies synthesiser sounds that the rebels wouldn't get to hear in the mountains. Why is it that with all instruments,it is always the first versions that sound the best, like Violins, electric Guitars,Valve amps, Theremins etc?.......its most likely because,these sounds were the first thing to be identified with the instrument in question,and to emulate that sound fully,you really need the original. Those huge synths that Tangerine Dream used were capable of such weird sounds,via patching leads and knob twiddling,that no-one could be bothered to achieve in today's instant planet. And they had no inbuilt memories either.All the settings and patches had to be written down on paper if one wished to recreate a sound at a future date; even then it wouldn't sound the same due to a nano meter's differential  on any given knob.
Therefore Schnitzler would not have been able to perform these epic tracks live,so this Self released LP is a record of the only time these sounds were played,kind of like a vinyl sequencer reproducing the composition via your stylus. I find that far more incredible than digital reproduction.Vinyl is an actual recording of the actual sounds,whereas digital is a recreation of the original sounds in blocks of zero's and ones. Music is a classic sine wave,not blocks of stuff.Vinyl and tape reproduce sine waves, digital machines do not; simple as that.
Bare that in mind,while you listen to this compressed digital version of this beautiful warm and bubbly analogue chocolate.


ADie Rebellen Haben Sich In Den Bergen Versteckt (18:48)
BJupiter (19:32)

DOWNLOAD Schnizlers blue period HERE!

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Chris S said...

So sad to say I only heard his music after he passed away. The master! Keep up the good work Jonny. Love what you do