Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Asmus Tietchens ‎– "Musik Unter Tage" (Aeon ‎– AE 009) 1983

More underwater,outer atmospheric, abstract electronic noise for the inner space. I have noting more to say on the subject, except that if you like serious electronic composition of the Berlin School variety then this is for you.


A1Strenge Klänge
A3Gelber Himmel
B1Maschine 6B
B2Einer 5

DOWNLOAD some intellectualised abstract electronics HERE!


Alan Burns said...

Many, many thanks for all these AT tapes. In some cases, the sounds he's coming up with get so abstract that it's almost easier to approach the material with my TG/NWW ears on, rather than any German electronica of the same period. In fact, I think Tietchens put a record out on United Dairies?

I've also just started listening to Conrad Schnitzler... 'just started' as in three albums down, 97 or so to go!

C. Reider said...

At Alan Burns: These tapes show a progression out of the German electronica of the period, towards something a bit more post-Stockhausen. His "Musik An Der Grenze" was a lot more in line with what was going on at the time in so-called "krautrock" albeit maddeningly repetitive.

His tapes from this period were very influential on early cassette culture noise composers like PBK, Arcane Device and others, which in turn is very influential on what's going on now in netlabel noise-ambient culture.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well,there you go Alan,thats you told.Good luck with the Schnitzler adventure.Not quite as prolific as Zan Hoffman's 1170 albums and counting, but up there in the top ten list of most releases by a single artist.

Kyle Weber said...

This blog is so beautiful. Thank you. Your honesty with what is historic but bullshit and what is legit is quite wonderful. Many thanks. Cheers!