Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Storm Bugs ‎– "A Safe Substitute" (Snatch Tapes ‎– tch 110) 1980

Just in case you had never heard of the brains behind the Left Over lolly election cash-in single (featured previously on this internet based vehicle which champions such endeavors); Philip Sanderson,along with accomplice Steven Ball, made many a  lo-fi, and low financed, electronic experiment as Storm Bugs(among other aliases).The house band of legendary DIY cassette label, Snatch Tapes.
Fine exponents of the noble art of making music without playing instruments properly, and having little idea, or interest, in writing a catchy tune.
There is, a Throbbing Gristle influence flying just below the radar,but the Sonar can pick it up amongst the fuzzy electronic chatter. This is the kind of music that infuriates industry insiders,and those awful 'muso's' ; whose favored dismissive comment would be something like, "It doesn't go anywhere",or "They can't play their instruments".
If one of those trad rock idiots said that they liked this it would have failed.

Track Listing:

A1Mesh Of Wire (6:48)
A2Objective (4:40)
A3Car Situations (5:09)
B1Hodge (6:40)
B2Solely From (6:38)
B3Blackheath Episode (4:47)

DOWNLOAD a safe substitute for the real thing HERE!

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Anonymous said...

A classic for me!

I love Storm Bugs