Friday, 24 April 2015

Conrad Schnitzler ‎– "Gelb" (Captain Trip Records ‎– CTCD-546) 1974/1981/2006

Captain Trip's definitive reissue of the Gelb 1981 album (which was already a reissue of the 1974 The Black Cassette tape) complete with bonus tracks recorded in 1973-1974.
A wonderful bunch of analogue synth aural oil paintings with the brush strokes and finger marks of the artist left intact. There's something to admire in a craftsman who sticks to his methods in the face of commercial pressures and public ignorance.Irrespective of celebrity and or fame (even though Schnitzler is probably one of the more famed persons on this website!), CS continued up to his death,and probably beyond.Leaving a legacy that will hopefully lead him to join the holy canon of the "Famous when Dead" club.


1Gelb 1
2Gelb 2
3Gelb 3
4Gelb 4
5Gelb 5
6Gelb 6
7Gelb 7
8Gelb 8
9Gelb 9
10Gelb 10
11Gelb 11
12Gelb 12
13Gelb 13
14Gelb 14
15Gelb 15

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James Britt said...

Thank you for this.

Is there a simple way to just download the rar file?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I thought it was fairly simple? What problem are you having?

Alan Burns said...

Niiiice. I might even prefer this to Grun!

Have a great weekend,