Saturday, 11 April 2015

Asmus Tietchens ‎– "Musik Aus Der Grauzone" (YHR Tapes ‎– YHR 019/Auricle ‎– AMC 024) 1981

This precise electronic bleep fest brings to mind a BBC Radiophonic Workshop soundtrack to a BBC4 science fiction radioplay. Except that the BRW never got taken seriously,unlike students of Stockhausen.I can't tell the difference,but I can appreciate both,with a slight leaning towards Delia Derbyshire and crew; mainly because of the lack of pretentiousness involved.
Thrill to the stereo spread of whizzing electronic stabs panned against the flow of reverb from left to right. Lie down in a darkened room adorned by your latest Dr. Dre headphones, and be transported onto the set of "Bleep and Booster" (made in 1969, not 1981) 


A1Resonanz 1
A2Resonanz 2
A3Nach Unten
B1Sysiphos Gliim
B2Unter Der Stadt 2
B3In Der Ebene

DOWNLOAD sci-fi radio soundtracks from the grey zone HERE!


Anonymous said...

once again i thank you!

Carlo said...

This is my favourite Tietchens release, together with "Geboren, Um Zu Dienen" LP.
Thank you.

Alan Freeman said...

Sadly o/p - our licence expired and we tried to get licence for CD reissues, but it never worked out. BTW slightly different versions can be found in the VOD 4K7 LP set

Paul said...

So cool to finally get copies of GRENZE and GRAUZONE. I had SCHATTEN and TAGE in the early '80s, which I was lucky enough to find at a local record store in Minneapolis, USA. These two round out the collection.

Quick recollection - I had this small boombox that had two cassette players built in for dubbing, and I used to play SCHATTEN and TAGE at the same time (there was nothing in the tape deck preventing the sounds from both being heard). I even wrote to Tietchens about this, thinking he might be intrigued by my experimentation. He wasn't!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well I think your experimentation sounds great.I frequently do stuff like that for my own entertainment......artists usually have a dim view of people messing about with their creations.Remember, Hitler was an artist.

Chris Sessions said...

Conrad Schnitzler would have approved as well. Excellent upload. Took a bit to get into but now I'm really enjoying this one. Nice work