Saturday, 11 April 2015

Asmus Tietchens ‎– "Musik Aus Der Grauzone" (YHR Tapes ‎– YHR 019/Auricle ‎– AMC 024) 1981

This precise electronic bleep fest brings to mind a BBC Radiophonic Workshop soundtrack to a BBC4 science fiction radioplay. Except that the BRW never got taken seriously,unlike students of Stockhausen.I can't tell the difference,but I can appreciate both,with a slight leaning towards Delia Derbyshire and crew; mainly because of the lack of pretentiousness involved.
Thrill to the stereo spread of whizzing electronic stabs panned against the flow of reverb from left to right. Lie down in a darkened room adorned by your latest Dr. Dre headphones, and be transported onto the set of "Bleep and Booster" (made in 1969, not 1981) 


A1Resonanz 1
A2Resonanz 2
A3Nach Unten
B1Sysiphos Gliim
B2Unter Der Stadt 2
B3In Der Ebene

DOWNLOAD sci-fi radio soundtracks from the grey zone HERE!


Anonymous said...

once again i thank you!

Carlo said...

This is my favourite Tietchens release, together with "Geboren, Um Zu Dienen" LP.
Thank you.

Alan Freeman said...

Sadly o/p - our licence expired and we tried to get licence for CD reissues, but it never worked out. BTW slightly different versions can be found in the VOD 4K7 LP set