Monday, 6 April 2015

Bodycocktail - "Didn’t The World Ask For This By Name?" (ZH27/Bodycocktail#45) 1997

No, the world didn't ask for this by name, in fact no-one did,but maybe they will in the future,or on another world.Although the search for intelligent life in other parts of the universe isn't going too well at the moment,and it really could be a possibility that all the factors needed at one time for Life to evolve into an intelligent species are far rarer than we first imagined.Then they have to survive themselves,which is undoubtedly even rarer,given that Nature rewards the most violently ruthless with genetic domination. The search for Intelligent life on Earth is also continuing unabated ,and is looking even more fruitless.One of the biggest hopes lies in the works of Bodycocktail.
This one has a promising ghostly organist in some ruined church,playing a looping mantra against a droning GM synth module on  Tambura setting.Then come the terrible GM Tablas,which disappear for Zan's eighties style, gothic crooning, swimming clumsily among the swirling ambient waters;only for the Tabla's to return for the outro about 15 minutes later.File under 'Other'.


1 - "Didn't the world ask for this by name?"

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Chris S said...

I don't even have to hear the music to enjoy it. Half the fun is just reading your description. You're a wizard with words Jonny Zchivago!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Bloodly Hell, I am chuffed,or Stoked,as they say in america. If they had ever visited Stoke,in the UK, they would quickly changed its definition to "I am depressed". Thanks for the compliment Chris, much obliged.

Chris S said...

Haha. Yes!

And since I'm from the states, I think you've got a good point. More chuffing, less stoking. I like it!