Thursday, 16 April 2015

Altes Eisen ‎– "Sehr Nett" (Wartungsfrei ‎– wf012) 1982

A brief Wartungsfrei uber group outing,on a C-20 that leaves 'em wanting more.....well,at least a C-25?
Duotronic Synterror hero, Andi Arroganti, is joined by label mate Thomas System,and Joachim Burkhardt(from whence he sprung forth I do not know!?),to make a a jaunty ,early DAF-lite German New wave 20 minute set; which coincidentally your author believes this to be the optimum exposure anyone should have to any group before they outstay their welcome.
I'm pleased to say that Altes Eisen don't outstay their welcome. The combination of hand played minimal synth melodies, art-thug drumming,and abstract guitar work, are the perfect backing to Arroganti's barking. I'm gonna play this again!


A2Liebe Ist Kein Spielzeug
A3Erikas Telefon Klingelt
B1Der Film
B3Tote Kinder

DOWNLOAD some daf-lite german new wave HERE!


bill said...

Oh yeah! Great stuff!

Alan Burns said...

this sounds great, loving the NDW tangent!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Always move at right angles,even though this is quite an obtuse angle.Before,prompted by you, we do some Schnitzler.