Thursday, 6 November 2014

Richard H. Kirk - "Vietsong" (unofficial release) 1976(?)

We have James T. Kirk, Jesus H. Christ, and of course, Richard H. Kirk. Is he(RHK) a combination of these two world icons, or are they the result of Richard H being beamed up and split into representations of good and evil; James T. Kirk being the good one of course!

Frankly this dilemma is beyond my frail intellect to decipher,so we'll stick to the music not the man,or men.

“Vietsong parts one and two” are very early solo outings for the bloke who played that echoey guitar in Cabaret Voltaire. Allegedly recorded in 1976 ,it sounds Voltaire? Lots of swirly synthesiser kit noises,short wave radio dialogue cut-ups,and plenty of WatkinsCopycat echo* set to maximum feedback.

Very rare,and provided for your predilection by the remarkable Shivadescending. We thank you.

*The cheap British version of the Echoplex tape echo and precursor to the Roland Space echo.

Track Listing:

1. Vietsong part one
2. Vietsong part two


Anonymous said...

You rock! Thank you! :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dunno if 'Rock' applies to this post. In fact hardly any of the posts on here!
Cheers ;)

shivadescending said...

Bob Dickinson confirmed to me that Vietsong was the piece that he and the Cabs played together at the Sheffield Arts Tower back in 1976...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mystery solved. Thanks for your excellent detective work mr SD.

ROOKSBY said...

I've been listening to C.V. since the early '80s but have never even HEARD of this before... which is what the internet should be all about, right?

Can either of you clarify whether this is actually a solo RHK piece, or whether features Bob Dickinson too, i.e. is it the Arts Tower performance mentioned above?

Saluté! :)