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Throbbing Gristle - "Best Of....Volume 1" (Industrial Records IRC 0) 1979

Catalogue number ZERO???
In fact the ironically titled,"Best of ...Volume 1", was never listed in the Industrial records catalogue at all;which began with ,the ironically titled,“Best Of.....Volume II”?! These mono recordings were made early in the evolution of TG (early 1975), a primaeval soup out of which would crawl the first air breathing Industrial group a year later.(Or was that Cabaret Voltaire?) Early versions of 'Very Friendly' and 'We Hate You Little Girls' can be found here along with a variety of improvised material,pointing towards the future TG formula that would launch a million less inspired sound-alikes.
Believed by some not to exist at all(wrong),these are the Earliest recordings by Throbbing Gristle.Only a handful were made initially,and distributed to 'friends' in 1976.Then, made slightly more available in 1979 on Industrial records.

I attempted to edit this into tracks,but gave up at the shear scale of the task,just to identify where one track ends and another starts. I retrieved the track listing from might be correct, it most probably is not. It works fine as two pieces of continuous non-music,so one has opted for that option. Feel free to have a go yourselves?

Track Listing:

Side One


1) Untitled 1 1:13

2) Untitled 2 2:24

3) Untitled 3 0:56

4) Untitled 4 1:45

5) Untitled 5 15:37

6) Untitled 6 1:45

7) Untitled 7 1:13

8) Untitled 8 3:06

9) Untitled 9 1:13

10) Untitled 10 1:01

11) Untitled 11 9:09

12) Untitled 12 (with vocals)6:39

13) Untitled 13 0:27

Side Two


1) Untitled 14 1:00

2) Untitled 15 0:40

3) Untitled 16 10:30

4) Untitled 17 1:13

5) Very Friendly (Part 1) 11:55

6) Very Friendly (Part 2) 10:13

7) We Hate You Little Girls (ver. 1)2:47

8) We Hate You Little Girls (ver. 2)2:50

9) American Magician Talking 1:01

10) Neil Young - New Mama / Look Out Joe 2:59

notes: "All material previously unreleased. This

: tape was originally hand copied and sent to friends"

: Incorrectly marked as a C60 on the tape linear notes.

: The second last track on the tape is a recording

: of an American magician explaining a trick.

: The last track is a very distorted recording of two

: Neil Young songs - 'New Mama' starts, then is restarted

: and runs into 'Look Out Joe' - the recordings is taken

: from Young's 1975 album 'Tonight's The Night'


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