Saturday, 1 November 2014

Prutsers - "Volume 1" - (Year Zero Records YEAR016) 2012

Prutsers recorded in the living room from Jan in Rotterdam between 1983 and 1987. This is classic and hopelessly obscure DIY, intended only for the ears of those close enough to get a free cassette copy, and essentially lacking in any ambitions to get anywhere in the rock and pop treadmill.
They sound rather like  the motherless sons of The Residents and an Oompah band. Obscure Inspired Insanity at its most obscure and inspired.
Especially fine are the cover versions of rock and pop standards, which firmly put those upstarts in their place, and then piss on their smoking entrails.

Henk Madrotter explains the Prutsers Raison d`etre....."we used any kind of instrument we could get our hands on, kids toys and sometimes a commodore 64, mostly recorded with a mic to a cassette recorder with the "ping pong" method and later with a 4 track cassette recorder.... we did weird covers and we also did covers as cheesy as possible and lots of our own songs in all kinds of styles depending our mood and who ever was there for recording, but mostly it was me, jan, patrick and robo."
He continues on the tenuous subject of influences!!!!....."most of us came out of the old Rotterdam punk scene and we were heavy influenced by bands like snakefinger, einsturzende neubauten, this heat, throbbing gristle, the whole neue welle you name it. We made music on any instrument we could get our hands on and the cassettes that we made, we never sold them but plenty of people were copying them."


Track Listing:
1   Countdown
2   Nice`n`Sleazy  (mp3)
3   Love in the old Fashioned Way
4   Tijdens de Ramadan Geen Alcohol
5   My Generation
6   Ik Dank U Allen
7   Wir Gehan Kaputt
8   Speedking(mp3)
9   De Chinese Thee
10 Een Goed Ontwikkelde Baby
11 De Tekst is Nog Niet
12 Eens Gaan wij Verrot
13 Helter Skelter
14 Woordjes
15 Ochtend Humeur
16 Martha
17 Hopelessly Devoted To You
18 Ben Ik Het Monster Uit Jouw Drome.



Mr Fab said...

Why has no one commented? this is genius, the DEFINITIVE "Helter Skelter"!

Sorry about your loss, Johnny, that's one of the things about getting older - all the ones you lose. But, hey, you made me happy with this one.

红色的小喇叭 said...

This one is good, I mean it stands out among other no-so-inspired year0 DIY attempt releases...I'd venture to say