Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Throbbing Gristle - "Best Of....Volume II" (Industrial records IRC 1) 1979

Originally released in 1976 in an edition of approximately 50 copies, this is from the more commonly available re-released from 1979.A ruthlessly edited digitally remastered version was released as “The First Annual report of Throbbing Gristle”;but if you want the original, long, muddy cassette hissed fuzzy version, download it ,and revel in the Smog of the original release. It contains the definitive version of “We HateYou Little Girls”, a few highlights from the inaugural TG gig at the ICA,and some tracks unique to this tape. This is how Industrial music should sound, drowning in its own murky sewage under fathoms of polluted water.

Track Listing:

Side One


1) Very Friendly (Studio) 11:06

2) Very Friendly (ICA) 4:01

3) Scars Of E (Studio) 5:28

4) Slug Bait (Studio) 4:41

5) Short Instrumental (Studio) 3:28

Side Two


1) Slug Bait (ICA)  4:19

2) 10p For A Pack Of Cigarettes (Studio)  2:58

3) We Hate You Little Girls (Studio)  2:03

4) Dead Hed (ICA) [MP3] 4:03

5) Dead Head (Winchester) 1:29

6) Whortle Of Sound (Winchester)13:17

7) The End (ICA) 1:28

DOWNLOAD the second best of TG HERE!
DOWNLOAD the second best way HERE!


Eric said...

I used to have a different version of this on my ipod. This version was called "very friendly" and had a 40+ minute runtime and decent audio quality (unlike what you've uploaded here). Out of curiosity, I downloaded this and I must say, the unattractive muffled audio adds to the charm. It has that gritty, radioactive abandoned warehouse with rusted shutters feel that music of this genre should have. It's gory and beautiful, like a pond of atomic sewage. And I immediately replaced "very friendly" with this!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yuk! there's nothing worse than 'cleaned up' versions of cassette classics. This pond of atomic sewage sound is how Industrial music should sound,even in hi-fidelity.You did well to sack off "very friendly".