Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Legendary Pink Döts ‎– "Basilisk" (Third Mind Records ‎– TMT 08) 1983

Music-wise, I quiet like this Coil-Lite, dark fairground synth-pop; with a Syd Barret  tribute act singing on top, instead of a cherry.The lyrics are reasonably interesting,but the singer gets on my tits, so the old adage, 'its the Singer NOT the Song' comes into the foreground....or the fairground?
As LPD tapes go, this is easily the best one I've heard.Like some kind of sinister casiotone circus music......but who wants to go to a circus?


Stigmata Part One (Freiheit) 4:43
Klazh 1:40
Love Is ... 6:58
No Reason 3:51
834 1:11
Wall Purges Night (Version) 4:15
Basilisk 1 3:42
Methods 2:19
Clean Up 3:34
Basilisk 2 26:32


Vaykorus said...


Anonymous said...

Coil-Lite before COIL. In addition to LPD check out EKs solo work. What's more D-I-Y than literally doing it yourself.

Here's a free-one from the LPD Bandcamp page - lots of free stuff to listen to as EK is a very nice man (and a genius :) )


Anonymous said...

Even tough you rag on the Dots and EK in particular, I love your blog and want to sincerely thank you for all of your efforts in turning people on to cool music. I have learned about a lot of new music from you.

One other thing, the Germs were awesome and were not California rich kids punks. If you want to judge the Southern California late 70's/early 80's scene check out Minutemen, Urinals/100 Flowers, Saccharine Trust, X, Gun Club, LAFMS, Id Battery, Solid Eye, Tom Recchion, Bpeople, etc....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks....well we can't all agree on everything can we?
I'm well aware of califorian groups thanks....there's loads on this blog especially LAFMS, (see links section).
X were quite awful I have to say,but the others on your list I like to varying degrees.