Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Blässe / EKG / Roter Stern Belgrad ‎– "Massa" (Klar! 80 ‎– Klar! I/1/2/3) 1981

This 3x12"-set in printed dispatch box,like a teutonic cardboard version of "Metal Box",featured three groups from Dusseldorf' with styles varying from Jazzy Punk, to Gang Of Four influenced post-punk,to minimal electronic.
Blässe are the ones to slap the 'Jazz' label on because they have a Saxophone in the line-up;but it has more to do with american No-Wave than anything Jazzy.
EKG are more your conventional minimal Post-Punk outfit,with a tight rhythm section ,choppy guitar and barked vocals.Kinda like DAF meets Delta 5......a fine combination methinks?
Roter Stern Belgrad are the least dated sounding band here. They could be from 2017, with their analogue minimal electronic bleeps and squelches.I could imagine the cool kids dancing to this.....whether that's a recommendation I doubt it,but it is an observation on its timelessness.
Altogether I can't fault this shared cardboard extravaganza.None of these bands were ever heard of again beyond a few compilation appearances and live that,I like. 

A1 –Blässe "Zitteraal" 2:45
A2 –Blässe "Bora" 4:41
A3 –Blässe "No Oberbilk" 2:13
B1 –Blässe "De-Montage" 3:28
B2 –Blässe "Ready Made" 3:08
B3 –Blässe "Blaue Orange" 2:10
C1 –EKG "Liebeslied" 3:56
C2 –EKG "Niemand Ist Sieger" 2:41
C3 –EKG "Muscheln/Schnecken" 2:23
D1 –EKG "Immer" 5:30
D2 –EKG "24 Bilder" 3:19
E1 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Wegwerfliebling" 5:27
E2 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Abend Stern Chant" 5:21
F1 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Afars & Issas" 7:20


Michael said...

Yes , Johnny!
At last the Klar ! 80 releases.
The Tape copilations were great, very nice label !
Plaes post them all:-)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, there's at least one coming up.

Anonymous said...

thank you, one I have been waiting for.
A later example of great German mostly harmless music is Pfadfindertreffen Auf Immenhof! 7'' ep from 1991.One of the many indie products of the 2nd wave of german new music. Very close to the TV Personalities

thanks again, Richard

Steve said...

Very nice to hear this again...thanks, sir!

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