Thursday, 12 October 2017

Various Artists ‎– Der Klar! 80/81 Sampler (Klar! 80 ‎– buhuu 7) 1981

More incredibly obscure German New Wave/post punk/minimal electronica from impossibly obscure German New Wave/Post Punk/Electronic groups on the unbelievably overlooked cult cassette label Klar!80.
We've heard a few of these natives of the Dusseldorf area before on the "Massa" compilation and the other Klar!80 compilations,but as always there are some new gems unearthed, like 'Klang Da' and cut rate Neubauten clones 'Hans'.


A1 –X-Wo / Der Papst -Untitled
A2 –Hans -Untitled
A3 –Roter Stern Belgrad -Untitled
A4 –Eraserhead -Untitled
A5 –Klang Da -Untitled
A6 –Dilette -Untitled

A7 -P.Projekta / G.Ranzz - M1-12
B8 –Klang Da -Untitled
B9 –Plan X-Untitled
B10 –Eraserhead -Untitled
B11 –Hans-Untitled
B12 –Roter Stern Belgrad-Untitled
B13 -Der Rest -Untitled

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