Monday, 30 October 2017

Legendary Pink Dots ‎– "Premonition" (Flowmotion ‎– FMC09) 1982

I would gladly class these Anglo-Dutch neo-psychedelic Syd Barrets on casio's as Dutch; they are based there after-all? 
I never understood why this lot were always on Industrial compilations with their home organ versions of a lost album from a certain acid casualty that was formerly in the Pink Floyd. Their tunes are not unlike a bontempi translation of the songs that knob who takes an acoustic guitar to a party sings,insisting on showing everyone how fucking clever he is while everyone sits in awkward pain,thinking of excuses to leave.
That's how I feel when I listen to a LPD cassette.
They are ,however, legendary indeed, as prolific members of the DIY cassette underground at the turn of the eighties,and therefore earns respect.
They do indeed have a large and loyal fanbase,and can still be seen today touring?!
This ,I have to say, is one of their less painful albums.....gotta go now,I left a chicken in the oven!


1 As If...
2 Splash
3 Submerged
4 Amphitheatre
5 Voices
6 Odd
7 Premonition 1
8 Digital
9 Dying For The Emperor
10 Oceans Of Emotion
11 Intruder 

12 Premonition 2


Anonymous said...

"I never understood why this lot were always on Industrial compilations" because they weren't Industrial compilations in the first place. Those who know, know. Clearly you weren't there. EK is a genius and a very nice man. How can you like Van Der Graff and not the Dots.

Vaykorus said...


Jonny Zchivago said...

Bryan Adams is a very nice bloke too,but I doubt you'd like his music,and no-one is silly enough to call him a 'genius' up there with Mozart, Shakespeare and Edward K from LPD's?!.
Van der Graf and LPDs are polar opposites for a start. and LPDs were most definitely always lurking whenever anything industrial were mentioned....maybe you weren't 'there' wherever that was?
Bloody Hell 'cult' band fans!...i get this same reaction from Cardiacs fans too...they're shit as well.

rex said...

i like "the door and the window", and i have some doors and windows,
but i don't have a van der graaf generator. i just have to scuff my feet on the carpet real fast