Sunday, 15 October 2017

Various Artists ‎– "Das Ist Schönheit......Hamburg Mai '80 " (Art Records ‎– 1073) 1980

 "Das Ist Schönheit" translates as 'That's Beauty', which this hand painted double 12" compilation is indeed.Included within were various inserts and drawings by Walter Thielsch and/or Thomas Fehlmann, to complete a very 'arty' presentation indeed. Apart from being a thing of beauty, it has a lot of experimental electronics on it,all produced by the late great Konrad Schnitzler at the Academy of Arts in Hamburg.

It's mainly very 'Krautrock' era influenced electronica, that would not be out of place on one of Herr Schnitzler's own releases.So don't expect any undiscovered Minimal Wave classics to slap on the turntable in your night club.


A1 –Peter Reitberger "Untitled" 5:07
A2 –Rima Lucia Mardoyan "Synphonie Nr. 1" 5:02
A3 –Walter Thielsch / Thomas Fehlmann "Untitled" 2:24
A4 –Rainer "Oehms Kommilitonen" 1:06
A5 –Holger Hiller / Angela Marcus "Untitled" 4:51
A6 –Karin  "Untitled" 3:21
A7 –Insook Untitled 0:39
B1 –Oliver Hirschbiegel "Billy Sagte..." 3:54
B2 –Saskia Czchoch "Untitled" 4:27
B3 –Insook "Untitled" 3:45
B4 –Insook "Untitled" 4:34
B5 –Jürgen Heimes "Untitled" 5:07
C1 –Karin  "Untitled" 3:57
C2 –Saskia Czchoch "Untitled" 1:57
C3 –Jürgen Heimes "Untitled" 4:57
C4 –Angela Marcus "Untitled" 2:28
C5 –Angela Marcus "Untitled" 3:37
C6 –Jelle Fargo "Untitled" 2:35
C7 –Katharina Baumann "Untitled" 2:08
C8 –Claus Böhmler "Falckenstein" 2:22
D1 –Oliver Hirschbiegel "Mama Ist Schuld" 2:20
D2 -Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Untitled" 0:14
D3 –Walter Thielsch "Taken" 3:29
D4 –Holger Hiller "Sentimental" 2:06
D5 –Holger Hiller "Untitled" 1:50
D6 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Leichtes Heizöl" 2:45
D7 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Blumentritt" 2:37
D8 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Wenn Mut Bestraft Wird" 1:43
D9 –Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Frisst Mammi Farbstoff" 0:56
D10–Fehlmann/Thielsch/Rademacher "Kinder,Der Tod Ist Gar Nicht So Schlimm" 2:09


Anonymous said...

Wow thank you, I asked for it, and you deliver. My album isn't in a good state, so I enjoy this very much.

Greetings Richard

Philip Johnson said...

I've got a copy of this, have to admit I've never listened to it all the way through.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I've got lots of records like that....whether this is in that category i cannot confirm or deny.A lot of it is 'skipable'.

Vaykorus said...